Memory Lost Season 1 Ep 12

Disclaimer: This is a fan sub of the popular chinese web drama Memory Lost. Apologies for any spelling/grammatical mistakes. Hope you enjoy! If anyone is going to reupload my video, please mention me, thanks!

Bai JinXi is a police officer who suffers from amnesia from a major accident five years ago. She suffers from nightmares and a mysterious boyfriend who promised to marry her. Her life is turned upside down when she meets the arrogant and lofty hotshot detective HanChen.
HanChen also suffers from amnesia and is searching desperately for his fiancee who he cannot remember the name, face or age of. Everyone around him says she is only a figurement of his imagination only an unexplained ring and train ticket suggests she may have existed.
As HanChen and JinXi work together to solve a series of horrendous crimes, they reconcile their differences but other questions arise. Had they met before in the past? And what really happened five years ago?


Yang Rong as Bai Jin Xi/ Su Mian

Johnny Bai as  Han Chen

Li Evan as Xu Si Bai (S)

Wang Yu as Shi Heng (Prate)

Sun Cindy as Xin Jia (E)


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  1. Hey I am soooo sooo soooo thankful to you for uploading and putting so much effort 🙂 and pleaseeeee dont leave subbing it in the middle.. Also I found about this blog through your comments on viki and if u have the time I highly recommend you go on other sites like kissasian, newasian tv, basically any site that pops up when u type memory lost and tell them that eng subs are available here!!! Another thing I wanted to say was, other than your blog only is subbing memory lost and they are looking for translators so if you ever feel like u want to be in a team and work with them you can go there facebook page (which is on there site) and let them know:)

    I hope many many people find your blog, appreciate your work and are able to watch this amazing drama;)
    Again thanks and I look forward to your reply + new episodes of memory lost =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi yuii:) thank you for your comment and support; I will do my best to finish subbing this drama 🙂 I did actually want to go on kissasian and newasian tv, but I’ve heard they don’t actually sub the dramas themselves, instead they rip the subtitles off the original subbers and apparently it was why the other subbers had dropped it so I’ve been avoiding those sites. Thank you for telling me about 4udrama, but I think (despite being a couple of days behind schedule), I think I will stick to doing it by myself for the time being. But if I feel as if the workload is too much, I will team up or advertise on here to see if there’s any interest in joining my team 😉


      1. Sounds great:) and thank you so much again! If you ever need help advertising or for advice or anything you can comment back here and I will try my best to help you =)

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