Memory Lost Season 2 Ep 2 (Ep 14)

Recap of season 1: Five years ago both Bai Jinxi and Han Chen loses their memory. A serial rapist on the loose forces the two to work together to solve the case. The expertise and skills of Bai Jinxi is acknowledged by the Chief constable of the department Han Chen works for and the two, along with Jinxi’s co-worker Xiao Zhuan, Cold Face and Prate, form a team of highly skilled detectives called the Black Shield team. As season 1 draws to an end, T, a killer who has a penchant for the most extreme form of punishment, leads the police in an elaborate chase, which ends up with Jinxi and Han Chen participating in a game T has set up for them. With poor weather, no map and 8 other participants, who are determined to hide a secret from them, the odds are stacked against them to find out who T is and his deadly motive for organizing this setup. Will Jinxi and Han Chen be able to successfully rescue everyone? Or will they simply play into the hands of T?

Video (Part 1)

Video (Part 2)

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  1. thanks again! Just curious though, what timezone do you live in? just curious what your 14th of June 11am is in relation to me haha

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    1. Part 2 now uploaded. sorry about the delay.

      I live in the UK so the timezone I live in is GMT time. But I’m sometimes a little late in uploading stuff so its probably not that reliable. I’ll try and update the schedule as much as possible so that you guys don’t have to keep coming back to check.


      1. yeah i figured it wasn’t exact, not like this is your job or anything haha just wanted a reference guide is all. Thanks!


  2. Thank you again! The video stopped at a super creepy part which left us with an excellent cliffhanger! LOL I can’t wait to see how they get out of this one especially since the case made a sudden turn from the novel!

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