Memory Lost Season 2 Ep 5 (Ep 17)

Season 2 starts off with the unfinished case of T and why this killer sent the police on an elaborate chase before revealing his true motives. This mission brought Jinxi and Han Chen closer together than before and T, before his death, sheds a little light on Han Chen’s missing fiancee, a mysterious woman who no-one seems to know about. But that only seems to raise more questions than answers. Who is Jinxi really? And why did she disappear to go to a small town like Jiang Cheng?
As season 2 progresses, more members of the killer syndicate which T belongs to reveal themselves, and bring the team closer to the secrets from 5 years ago and perhaps answering questions relating to the forgotten memories of Jinxi and Han Chen.


Johnny Bai as Han Chen

Yang Rong as Bai Jinxi/ Su Ming

Video (Part 1)

Video (Part 2)

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  1. Notification: If anyone is still experiencing problems watching this episode, I have uploaded it on my fb page: for a period of time until I’m sure its been sorted out.
    If anyone wishes to message me privately, you can do so on fb. Also as mentioned before, any help is welcome i.e. is anyone is willing to practise their social media / marketing skills / want to write reviews or episode recaps/ or have any ideas to improve my fb page or help me with my subbing (even if its just to make sure its mistake free before I post it) etc please message me.

    As I’m halfway through Season 2, I’m planning to sub a new drama after this, so I will be creating a poll there for the list of dramas which I think you guys will enjoy. Please vote on the one you think you want to watch most and at the end of this I will sub the one which is most popular. Additionally, if anyone has other better suggestions, please tell me and I will add them to my list 🙂

    NB: please only suggest Chinese/ taiwanese/ Hong Kong dramas that HAVEN’T been subbed yet.

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    1. First of all thank you so much for the subs! You are the best!
      But please please please don’t stop subbing this drama after S2


      1. Sorry I guess I wasn’t being clear. I will do my best to finish subbing the entire drama before I start a new drama. I was just wondering what drama you guys would like to watch after I finish subbing Memory Lost Season 3 🙂


        1. Oh thank god. I love this drama so much I am going crazy lol.
          Thank you again for subbing this. You are an angel. I can’t believe our hero for this drama is the same nerdy guy from Love 020. He’s so hot here.

          I would like to suggest ” Long for you”. It only has 20 episodes and was released in 2017 but there are no subs anywhere. Also would like to suggest “Ugly girl Ha Ru Hua”. It has aired already but I can’t find much information on it. It has 36 episodes I think and the trailer and FMV on YouTube look really cute.


    2. I would suggest butterfly lovers (taiwanese version). no one sub this drama until finish. someone put until ep 14 (if I remember correctly) in youtube and that’s it. couldn’t find it anywhere else. it’s 2008-peter ho version, I’m not sure if there’s still a lot of fans of this drama now, but at that time, there’s a lot of fans. anyway, thanks again for sub memory lost, I couldn’t believe someone finally sub this drama, I was looking and searching everywhere. this website is my favourite now…


  2. Hello there! Thank you for the subs!
    I am not able to read your videos in my usual browser, aka Firefox, but it works fine in other browsers such as Microsoft Edge =)


  3. Hey guys, I just wanted to check on something. Someone messaged me earlier telling me that none of my videos are working and that they can only see a black rectangle where the video is. Can everybody else watch the videos I’ve embedded? I can watch them but I don’t know if its the same for everybody else? If anybody else is experiencing any problems, please let me know. Thanks 🙂


    1. I’m having problems with the video. I don’t know why, but I’m only getting black boxes on all of the episodes. Which is weird because I re-watched episode 16 last night.


          1. Another thing could be that your cache is filling up:
            if you are using Internet explorer look up into the corner of your browser and u should see a Settings icon , click that or hover over the mouse and it will drop down a list of things, It varies from Browser depending on which browser u have but u should be able to find this Settings icon. You can go from the Tools menu to find this drop down list of things, instead of going to Settings. Ok now, after u click the Settings or Tools, and it drops down a list of things u will see some things, find … ”F12 Developer Tools”
            or just hit F12 if you are using Internet Explorer. But i guess other Browsers might have something similar to this just find it.

            The Developer Tools is right below the Manage Add-Ons from the drop down list , it looks like this

            Zoom (100%)

            View Downloads
            Manage Add-Ons
            F12 Developer Tools
            Internet Options
            About Internet Explorer

            Or you can click from your Tools menu and it will look different than the above but u should still see the Manage Add-Ons and F12 Developer Tools in there from the Tools menu.
            After u click the ‘Developer Tools’ it will open up a small window box that fills up almost halfway to the screen (internet explorer). now from here on, find CACHE from the list of tabs. it will look something like this

            Validate | Browser Mode: IE etc etc

            Click on the ‘Cache’ and then select one of the option that says ‘Clear Browser Cache for this Domain” and refresh and u done.

            Make sure you are on the dailymotions video page while u are clearing your cache. this is important.

            This clearing of Cache is not your ordinary clearing of the History , footprint, cookies thingy that comes with your browser, this is different clearing, this Developer Tools is a rare menu that is in plain view and hidden within the Tools or Settings area , accessible within any or most browsers.


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