Notification: If anyone is still experiencing problems watching this episode, I have uploaded it on my fb page: for a period of time until I’m sure its been sorted out.
If anyone wishes to message me privately, you can do so on fb. Also as mentioned before, any help is welcome i.e. is anyone is willing to practise their social media / marketing skills / want to write reviews or episode recaps/ or have any ideas to improve my fb page or help me with my subbing (even if its just to make sure its mistake free before I post it) etc please message me.

As I’m halfway through Season 2, I’m planning to sub a new drama after this, so I will be creating a poll there for the list of dramas which I think you guys will enjoy. Please vote on the one you think you want to watch most and at the end of this I will sub the one which is most popular. Additionally, if anyone has other better suggestions, please tell me and I will add them to my list 🙂

NB: please only suggest Chinese/ taiwanese/ Hong Kong dramas that HAVEN’T been subbed yet.

Link to poll:


    1. Hi thanks for all the suggestions, I can tell you put a lot of effort in xD From what I know, I think there are subs already for Next Hero and part of Backlight Lovers, so I don’t think I will do the subs for them. I think The Teenage Psychic is available at HBO and from what I’ve heard/ seen, you can probably try and find the subbed episodes on Baidu.
      I would really like to sub Burning Ice, but I think the first episode was released just yesterday, and Angelo and Long Time no See are still airing, so maybe I’ll put them down as options perhaps after they’ve finished airing; I usually like to have seen the dramas once before I sub them, just in case, they become a little too boring.
      I’ve watched Agent X and First Kiss and I suppose I can sub them, although my honest review of them, is that they’re both a little draggy near the middle. I will try and watch the rest and see which ones I like best and put them on the list. If however there are lots of people who want to watch the episodes listed, please comment below or on FB and I’ll see what I can do.
      Also I will put reviews and trailers on FB of the ones on my list as I finish off subbing Memory Lost, so please check it out 🙂


    2. Hi thanks for all the suggestions again. I’ve decided I’ll probably sub psychologist and the lying game. I tried to watch some of the others but they’ve been blocked to people overseas so I can’t get hold of any of the videos.


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