Memory Lost Season 2 Ep 6 (Ep 18)

Season 2 starts off with the unfinished case of T and why this killer sent the police on an elaborate chase before revealing his true motives. This mission brought Jinxi and Han Chen closer together than before and T, before his death, sheds a little light on Han Chen’s missing fiancee, a mysterious woman who no-one seems to know about. But that only seems to raise more questions than answers. Who is Jinxi really? And why did she disappear to go to a small town like Jiang Cheng?
As season 2 progresses, more members of the killer syndicate which T belongs to reveal themselves, and bring the team closer to the secrets from 5 years ago and perhaps answering questions relating to the forgotten memories of Jinxi and Han Chen.


Johnny Bai as Han Chen

Yang Rong as Bai Jinxi/ Su Ming


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  1. i accept that this is just a drama adaptation. and so we cant have everything in life. BUT WHERE IS THE FRIGGIN CAR SCENEEEEE WHERE SHE REVEALS THE VOWS AND HE CREIS. WHEREE. best friggin scene and its not here im so sad rn. on the flip note, thanks for the subs!!


  2. Hi may I ask when you usually update the episodes? I marathoned everything in one day as soon as I found this blog, so I don’t know the uploading schedule yet. I love this drama and I am really grateful to you. Fighting!


  3. Hi. I love your speedy updates! I’m so glad you’re subbing this. Just wanted to let you know that after this line, it stays as this line and I can’t see any of the other dialogue:: I told you to sort it out, why all the talk?
    I really want to know what they’re talking about TT
    Does anyone else have this problem? I tried on chrome and firefox ><

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