Memory Lost Season 2 Ep 9 (Ep 21)

Video (preview)

Synopsis: Season 2 starts off with the unfinished case of T and why this killer sent the police on an elaborate chase before revealing his true motives. This mission brought Jinxi and Han Chen closer together than before and T, before his death, sheds a little light on Han Chen’s missing fiancee, a mysterious woman who no-one seems to know about. But that only seems to raise more questions than answers. Who is Jinxi really? And why did she disappear to go to a small town like Jiang Cheng?
As season 2 progresses, more members of the killer syndicate which T belongs to reveal themselves, and bring the team closer to the secrets from 5 years ago and perhaps answering questions relating to the forgotten memories of Jinxi and Han Chen.


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  1. GAH!!! It stopped at such a cliffhanger! And what is up with these news about how they broke up before?!!! WHO IS THIS PSYCHOLOGIST?

    Thank you for subbing! Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds!


  2. Hi from Brasil,
    Firstly I would like to thank the english sub because I loved this drama but I could not find anywhere to watch. So, thank you very much.
    Unfortunately I am encountering a little technical problem, when I try to watch the video, both in your blog and in the dm, an ad appears and covers the image, could you correct it?
    Thank you xD

    P.S. Waitting for more eps from you xD


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