Memory Lost Season 3 Ep 3


Disclaimer: This is only a fan sub of the popular chinese web drama, Memory Lost, apologies for any mistakes made.
Season 2 ends with the members of the alphabet syndicate, revealing themselves one by one. But there seems to still be one person who is enshrouded with mystery. Where is he? Who is he? There seems to be many deaths caused by the other members but there seems to be no trace of him committing crimes and therefore both Han Chen and Bai Jinxi/ Su Mian seem to know of his existence. Also, why did Su Mian have to live on as Bai Jinxi, why was she not killed? Who arranged that? Is the real Bai Jinxi alive or dead? And did Su Mian actually kill someone and join the alphabet syndicate properly?


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  1. Thank you so much for all of these subbings ! I watched them all ! I especially like Memory Lost (I love Bai Yu).
    I was wondering : do you intend to other subbing ? I’d like to be (finally) able to watch Above the Clouds (in which Bai Yu acts too as a support role). Do you think you could sub it ?


  2. Hey!! Thank you so much for the subs! I will start watching the whole series from you website once you finish subbing Season 3! I have never waited this long for any serial, Trust me! Hope its worth it ^_^ KUDOS! To support you, I will make sure i watch all episodes from you site only 🙂


    1. Hi, thanks for your support, I still need to sub Season 1 Ep 2- 9, but the rest should all be here. There are some subs available for those episodes, which I will embed on my website if I get permission from the owner or I will re-sub them 🙂


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