Memory Lost Season 3 Ep 4 (Ep 28)

Disclaimer: This is only a fan sub of the popular chinese web drama, Memory Lost, apologies for any mistakes made.
Season 2 ends with the members of the alphabet syndicate, revealing themselves one by one. But there seems to still be one person who is enshrouded with mystery. Where is he? Who is he? There seems to be many deaths caused by the other members but there seems to be no trace of him committing crimes and therefore both Han Chen and Bai Jinxi/ Su Mian seem to not know about his existence. Also, why did Su Mian  lived on as Bai Jinxi, why was she not killed? Who arranged that? Is the real Bai Jinxi alive or dead? And did Su Mian actually kill someone to join the alphabet syndicate properly?


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  1. thanks for opening this site and im looking for more chinese drama that are subbed in the future, i hope that there will also downloadable drama in the future.


  2. so happy to find your page… and true enough from your introduction with the “procastination” and then saying “because we all want to escape from reality, even for a little while.”… haha! Actually, I came from a 7days straight in a week work wew! xD so that’s why I’m here (internet…watching…) to take a breather 😀

    Also, i’m someone who really loves chinese dramas with this genre… and finally! found someone continuously subbing Memory Lost~ Thank you very much you’re a heaven sent 🙂 will wait patiently for the next episodes, thank you again.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg I’m glad to find your blog. I almost gave up to find english subtitle of 3rd season. Thank you for subbing this drama . .


  4. Hi it’s me, again xD Taeny of the french fansub of Memory Lost, i have a little problem with the épisode 5 of the season 1, The episode is only subbed for 36min / 44min 😦 do you know why ? because i can’t translate the entire épisode 😦 thank you if you can help me !
    Good luck for the rest of the season 3 ! You’re sub is amazing !


    1. Hi, I haven’t watched the subbed episodes in Season 1 Ep 2-9 because they weren’t subbed by me. I was planning to re sub the episodes anyway. How about this? I will finish season 3 Ep 5 and then I will go back and sub Season 1 Ep 5? It should be done by the end of this week. Maybe you can start subbing another episode while I’m doing it.


      1. And yes, i start subbing the episode 6 of Season 1, while you doing the sub of the episode 5 of season 1, if you want my e-mail or else tell me ! Good luck for you


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