Memory Lost Season 3 Ep 5 (Ep 29)

Disclaimer: This is only a fan sub of the popular chinese web drama, Memory Lost, apologies for any mistakes made.
Season 2 ends with the members of the alphabet syndicate, revealing themselves one by one. But there seems to still be one person who is enshrouded with mystery. Where is he? Who is he? There seems to be many deaths caused by the other members but there seems to be no trace of him committing crimes and therefore both Han Chen and Bai Jinxi/ Su Mian seem to not know about his existence. Also, why did Su Mian  lived on as Bai Jinxi, why was she not killed? Who arranged that? Is the real Bai Jinxi alive or dead? And did Su Mian actually kill someone to join the alphabet syndicate properly?


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  1. Hello dear. Just come here to say thank you very much for your great effort for doing this awesome job subbing this series. I have been lurking and googling for the sub everywhere until I found your blog. Really really happy. Actually I already finished watching this drama all 3 seasons in raw. I have never been so tempted to watch a drama in raw before. But this drama is so freaking GOOD!! Just 1 episode got me hooked already even I don’t know chinese. I’m loving everything about this series. Awesome cast. What a great chemistry between both male & female lead!! I didn’t know they’re 9 years gap while googling for the sub. Now I want to re-watch this series with sub. Thanks again now I can understand more. You know watching this sort of drama really hard for the people who dunno Chinese as it not a simple rom-com drama. Hugs & kisses (^__~)

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  2. Take you for this episode ! *^* And thank You for helping me again with the Season 1 it’s really kind !
    Fighting for the reste of the session ! 😀



  3. thank you for uploading the next episode… I can’t wait for the rest and really appreciate your time and effort for bringing us this wonderful drama…


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