Cambrian Period Ep 1

Tang Ying (Zhou Yu Tong) is an innocent naive girl who after a failing acting career decides to start afresh to travel to Nanzhan Bu Island (South Island) and become a surrogate shopper. However, all is not what it seems. Due to the popularity of the island and the tax-free and visa free policies in place there, it has attracted the attention of many criminal syndicates/ gangs who are looking to invest on the island due to the prospect of making an insane amount of money, and the secret war between the gangs and the police brewing there.
By accident, Tang Ying becomes embroiled in the war as well as meeting 2 different men who on opposite sides of this war, Jian Zi (Hou Ming Hao) who is a juvenile killer pick up and the handsome male police commissioner Li Yong Ji (Mike He). In the shadow of death, gangs and a variety of cases involving trade in the black market, will Tang Ying be able to pull through?


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  1. How do we watch the video? There is nothing to click or select to make the video play? Thank you so much for subbing though!! After watching Love and Redemption through you, I have been exploring other shows you have subbed on here! Thank you for your hard work!!


  2. Hi, I just want to say thank you, I truly appreciate your hardwork in subbing this drama. Can you please sub the other episodes please? i’m still stuck in episode 17 because no one has subbed it :”((


  3. Thank you soooo much for subbing this. I found a preview to this on youtube and I really liked the look of the show but when I tried to watch it, it wasn’t subbed on any of the sites I used. I was so sad and thought I was going to have to learn the language just so I could watch it, luckily I don’t have to now so thanks so much.

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  4. Thank you. I just heard about this drama and it looks amazing. Btw, I used to be involved in several fansubbing groups. I can’t translate but if you need any help with timing, editing, encoding, etc. I’d be happy to help.

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  5. Thankyou for subbing~! Can I know did you still have the subs which is still didn’t converted yet? I interested to turn it into a softsub. 😀 If you do, I would like to have it and credit it to you~


  6. I’ve watched the whole drama raw weeks ago…haha. Cause I couldn’t wait. Really glad someone pick this up. Thank you so much for your effort!


  7. Thank you for subbing this drama I was not aware of it until you posted the trailer it was a great episode to start with. I was at another site and someone mentioned you, they were asking people to place a request with you to sub this drama. I told them you had already subbed episode one. I also wanted to thank you for subbing “Memory Lost” I kept begging other sites to finish subbing it. I am so glad I found your site! Keep up the good work. Thanks again!


  8. Thank you sooo much! I just fell completely in love with this drama… Shouldn’t have watched.. Ugh.. anyways you’re the best! You’re so blessed, being able to understand Vietnamese. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this great favor!!


  9. Thanks for subbing this! Have been watching this raw for OTP moments only and now I finally can understand what they’re saying xDD. About the frame cut, I noticed that too but it didn’t effect my viewing experience so it’s no problem at all for me. Anyway, thank you ❤


  10. Thank you so much for subbing this drama. Really look forward to next episodes. Just one thing, it seems the video display is slightly cut at the top. Really appreciate if you could fix that.


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