Memory Lost Season 3 Ep 9 (Ep 33)

Disclaimer: This is only a fan sub of the popular chinese web drama, Memory Lost, apologies for any mistakes made.
Recap: Finally, S has been revealed to be Xu Sibai, the talented doctor and forensic pathologist that is Su Mian’s best friend and has a one-sided love for Su Mian. Except, it may be too late as Su Mian only remembered everything after she fell into the hands of the Alphabet Syndicate. Meanwhile, Han Chen is alone fighting against the syndicate. Things get complicated when K returns with L under his hypnosis. To make matters worse, the ship is sinking. After exchanging gunshots, an injured Han Chen lies with dead and dying members of the syndicate. Will Han Chen and Su Mian find each other before it’s too late?


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  1. the fact that Xu Nanbo and Xu Sibai are in the syndicate made Su Mian’s attempt to infiltrate as a spy was futile from the beginning *shocked. And until now she’s alive because of Sibai’s obsession to her. Thank you for the sub!


  2. thank you for subbing this drama. when you will upload ep 34 – 36? i’m waiting for them. can you also sub the other episodes of cambrian period? i really appreciate your effort to sub the dramas.


  3. Thank you very much for turning this knee I really liked without expecting a really good response. I am excitedly waiting for the new part. Thank you.


  4. Much appreciate the tremendous effort that was put in doing the subs for this drama, thank you for the hours spend so that more people can enjoy this drama


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