Memory Lost Season 3 Ep 11 (Ep 35)

Disclaimer: This is only a fan sub of the popular chinese web drama, Memory Lost, apologies for any mistakes made.
Recap: 5 years ago, both Han Chen and Su Mian mysteriously loses their memories. 5 years later, they meet again. Like 5 years earlier, the Alphabet Syndicate comes into their life, trying to separate them as their leader, S, is infatuated with Su Mian as his brief encounter with Su Mian in a cemetery slowly becomes an obsession. His jealously reaches a peak when he realizes that it would be impossible for him to be with Su Mian, not just because his father was her father’s killer but also because she has now fallen in love with Han Chen. Desperate to obtain her, he comes up with a plan that successfully separates Han Chen and Su Mian for 5 years and allowing him to become Su Mian’s closest friend at the cost of breaking apart the killer syndicate he created himself and giving up on the crime empire his father had built for him.


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    1. There’s also “King is not easy” which is airing right now and “the Eternal Love” if you like fluffy romance. Although this drama is a little old Cuo Dian Yuan Yang Season 1 and 2 are really good. Zanila Zhang (from Princess Agents) and the actor plays K from Memory Lost are the female and male lead. Its a romance/ historical/mystery/revenge drama.
      Or if you like corruption/ crime/ thrillers then if you haven’t already you can try Cambrian Period. Or you can try the Psychologist. I think I saw most of the episodes subbed on YT, although there are glaring mistakes in the translation, so watch with caution. Don’t know if it’s because it’s google translate. Also the actor who plays K from Memory Lost is also there.


  1. So. we get a final twist with a “twin looking”. cousin, nothing is ever too absurd in the drama universe, you wonder how she knew to do her make-up identical to her cousin to go with the outfit … latent telepathy ?
    Thank you for your labor of love to give us those subs, only 1 more episode.


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