Cambrian Period Ep 9

Tang Yin (Zhou You Tong) is an innocent naive girl who after a failing acting career decides to start afresh to travel to Jambudvipa Island (South Island) and become a surrogate shopper. However, all is not what it seems. Due to the popularity of the island and the tax-free and visa free policies in place there, it has attracted the attention of many criminal syndicates/ gangs who are looking to invest on the island due to the prospect of making an insane amount of money, and the secret war between the gangs and the police brewing there.
By accident, Tang Yin becomes embroiled in the war as well as meeting 2 different men who on opposite sides of this war, Jian Zi (Hou Ming Hao) who is a juvenile killer pick up and the handsome male police commissioner Li Yong Ji (Mike He). In the shadow of death, gangs and a variety of cases involving trade in the black market, will Tang Yin be able to pull through?


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  1. I don’t know why I keep seeing a black box where the video player is supposed to be. It’s not just this blog but other wordpress blogs too. Don’t know what the problem is. Is anyone facing the same issue? I tried refreshing and googling the problem but so far I can’t find the solution.
    I watched episode 8 on Dailymotion directly but can’t find episode 9 uploaded there.


      1. Thank you! I am using Google Chrome. I had cleared history and cache but the problem persisted. I tried other browsers too. Same problem with Internet Explorer but it works with Firefox which is unexpected lol?


  2. I agree – a slower episode but it’s like a quick breather after the past excitement before we get on to the next round! Tang Yin grows on me more and more with her innocence. She’s naive and gullible but sweet. And for some reason, Maimai grows on me more every episode. He gets such a cat-with-the-cream grin on his face every time he’s near Officer Cai. lol


        1. thanks! Huh, so I’m guessing he was checking Zhan Shili’s location (to act quickly so that Cai Jiayi wouldn’t ask questions) but it must be probably some high-tech because unless Zhan has a microchip under his skin, I don’t know how it was possible to track him by GPS… (or I might be wrong)


            1. She’s using Jian Zi’s phone…., not Officer Li’s… I think you must be talking about different scene (or characters). The snapshot with Li’s cellphone is from 5:24


              1. Oh! That scene. (Yes, I was thinking of a different spot.) As for this scene, this was my guess – remember how Officer Cai mentioned there was no screen for the GPS tracker? I’m guessing maybe his phone is the screen? And he was probably tracking either the call from that weird phone or the IPN signal. And I’m betting it showed him what’s-her-name ‘s address.


                1. Conceivably you could be right… something to think about…. Especially as there is a maze of streets on the map and the location shown is not beside the sea.


  3. Hi PP and SoE! Thank you very much for subbing and editing Cambrian Period. Ive watched/watching 3 Zhou Yu Tong dramas at the same time: The Journey, Long For You and Cambrian Period. Even so I never get tired of her face lol. She’s really good at comedy.
    I already finished watching this raw but understood very little of the dialogues so Im thankful that PP chose to translate this. Thank you for your hard work!


  4. A bit less excitement in this episode, and not much progress on any front, but still satisfying to watch. Still not clear to me if Li Yong Ji is good or bad.

    I like it how Tang Yin is portrayed as the only innocent soul blundering naively into every situation with a disarming adorable smile (although typically Cdrama it goes a bit over the top on painting her as a simple a bit brainless cutesy female).

    I really appreciate and value the hours upon hours you gave us in making those subs so we can enjoy and delight in watching this episode


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