Cambrian Period Ep 19 English subbed

Disclaimer: This is a fansub, so apologies for any grammatical mistakes. Please do not reupload this video in any format or on any server although it is fine to download it as long as it is for your private use.

Recap of recent developments: With Suo Tou now dead, Jin Lin now focuses all her attention to her plan to steal all of the funds of Autumn’s Door to overthrow Zhan Shi Li and become the power who will control Jambudvipa. Meanwhile, Jian Zi and Tang Yin escape from Jian Zi’s engagement party that was forced on him by his father. Although Jian Zi wishes to exchange the encoder that is the key to transferring the profits from the casino into Jin Lin’s pocket, however Tang Yin is determined to use it as bait to lure out her best friend Shen Keke’s killer. When they went to Jin Lin’s house to found evidence of who could have been Keke’s killer, they found documents found at Jin Lin’s which reveals the secret relationship between Officer Li, a mysterious police officer with secrets of his own and Jin Lin’s late husband who was a powerful mafia boss in Mainland China and had wished to control Jambudvipa. At the end of Ep 18, Tang Yin finds herself cornered by Officer Li and Jin Lin’s lackey. What would she do and will the encoder finally fall into the wrong hands?



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  1. This was quite an action packed episode, i especially liked the therapeutic shoot-up of the boxes with plastic chips, that looked like fun.
    Still no clear picture on Li Yong ji duplicity.
    I had a bit of trouble understanding Lin Fei’s final action, that was the only option she could think of ?

    Was there really only one copy of the incriminating doc that was burned, in this day and age nobody had a scan of it …

    I take a bow to show my admiration for the dedication it took to make all these subs, thank you


  2. Thanks for the subs! I know they take hours upon hours for you to do!
    It sure seems likely she swallowed a fake encoder! Li Yong Ji – I’m loosing all respect for you! 😦
    We truly are seeing him follow a similar path to what created Zhan Shili…


  3. I want to say how much I appreciate your subbing Cambrian Period! Thank you for all your hard work. I would not be able to watch without subs and it’s such a great drama!! Thank you!!


  4. Thank you!

    ….there is so much anger in Li Yong Ji… it eats him up

    I was waiting for an answer how the encoder returned to Tang Yin, and now we’ve received only the second question mark, hmm…

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