Cambrian Period Ep 21

Disclaimer: This is a fansub, so apologies for any grammatical mistakes. Please do not reupload this video in any format or on any server although it is fine to download it as long as it is for your private use.

Recap of recent developments: Now that both Jin Lin, Suo Tou are dead and the encoder is no longer functioning, things seem to be going well on the surface for Jian Zi, Tang Yin and Autumn’s Door. However Zhan Shi Li is still trying to keep Jian Zi at the Island and hoping that a marriage between Jian Zi and Ming Zhu a doctor who comes from a powerful family. Will Jian Zi be able to gain the freedom he desires and leave with Tang Yin to start a new chapter in their lives or will Zhan Shi Li get what he wishes? And what about Commissioner Li? Now that Jin Lin is no longer in the picture, will be decide to become an upright police officer or will he continue his battle with Autumn’s Door and Jian Zi?



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  1. My favorite gigolo couple is back! Yay! 😉
    As for the rest – I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming. And I think the timeline is a little weird. Tang Yin is 6 years older than Jian Zi and her mother disappeared when she was 5? The police report says she disappeared in 1994 which would make Tang Yin 28 and Jian Zi 22. (Give or take a year depending on when their birthdays are.) But the mom died in 1999 which is 18 years ago so Jian Zi would have only been 4-5 years old when she died! And the doctor girl is 2 years younger than him and a full-fledged cardiologist, which is unbelievable, although she is a supposed genius. Honestly, I think the only reason they timed things this way is to mess with out minds and make us question relationship possibilities.


    1. Jian Zi isn’t 6 years old younger than Tang Yin, his friend was mistaken because he thought they had the same mother. When Tang Yin’s mother arrived on the South Island, Tang Yin was 5 years old and Jian Zi already existed (in an episode ago Zhan Shi Li in retrospection scene asked her to bring his son up), so at that time Jian Zi could be 3 – 4 years already. The mom died in 1999, so Jian Zi had spent with her only 5 years since 1994, but he remembers well all her wisdoms so he wasn’t such a small kid when she died – let’s say 4 + 5, 9 years old sounds possible to me.
      Now, the would-be fiancee is 2 years younger than Jian Zi and she completed full medical studies so should be around 24-25 years old.
      That would mean Jian Zi is around 26 years old and Tang Yin – 28…

      Although seeing how naive TY was about her “first time” and “pregnacy” I didn’t give her more than 22… And the actress in her real life has just turned 23. So it doesn’t add up. It would be more natural if Jian Zi was 20 and Tang Yi 22. Hou Ming Hao was 19 at the time of shooting, so it must have been a tough task for him.


      1. I don’t think Maimai was mistaken. It was the fact that they are 6 years apart that made him wonder if they might have the same mother, not the other way around. And unfortunately, we have no way of knowing how old Jian Zi was when she started looking after him. He could have been a newborn for all we know. I suppose there is the chance the police report with the date of 1994 could be months or even years after she first left Tang Yin. That part isn’t perfectly clear.


        1. of course it isn’t clear and I understand you
          only with this assumption, Miss Song is around 24, Jian Zi – 26, and Tang Yin, if 6 years older, she’s 32, which sounds really ridiculous….

          unless Miss Song is really a genius and she became a doctor at the age of 18….

          whatever we would think of, it is far-fetched…

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  2. Thank you so much for your hard work! ONly because of you I was able to enjoy the drama! So big thanks and keep up the amazing work!


  3. I was wondering what direction the plot was going to take after wrapping up some major plot lines.
    It looks like we have wade thru some murky family relationships … a few more twists and turns to come in the final episodes I am sure …

    Big applause for the subs, I would keep clapping but I need to finish my drink … my second glass of amaretto for the night, a good thing ep 22 is not yet out or I would have to go for a third glass


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