Cambrian Period Ep 22

Disclaimer: This is a fansub, so apologies for any grammatical mistakes. Please do not reupload this video in any format or on any server although it is fine to download it as long as it is for your private use.

Recap of recent developments: Now that both Jin Lin, Suo Tou are dead and the encoder is no longer functioning, things seem to be going well on the surface for Jian Zi, Tang Yin and Autumn’s Door. However Zhan Shi Li is still trying to keep Jian Zi at the Island and hoping that a marriage between Jian Zi and Ming Zhu a doctor who comes from a powerful family. Will Jian Zi be able to gain the freedom he desires and leave with Tang Yin to start a new chapter in their lives or will Zhan Shi Li get what he wishes? And what about Commissioner Li? Now that Jin Lin is no longer in the picture, will be decide to become an upright police officer or will he continue his battle with Autumn’s Door and Jian Zi?



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  1. omg, thank you for subbing this!💓 please sub ‘Long for you’ chinese drama, cause i’ve have been searching for eng sub but only a few episode that have❤


  2. A bit of an over-dramatic episode, at least the dubious family relations got sorted out, I am happy that did not drag on for too long. Pretty sure there will be some Biblical resurrections in the next episode.

    Continuation of Jian Zi’s wounds were a bit of a joke, there must have been some magical ointment around that made all the facial injuries disappear, not sure why the maffia boss bothers with a building a resort, he should just market that ointment, guaranteed fortune to be made …

    A big cheer followed by a somersault for the subs, superb !!! Looking forward to the last 2 episodes.


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