Cambrian Period Ep 23

Disclaimer: This is a fansub, so apologies for any grammatical mistakes. Please do not reupload this video in any format or on any server although it is fine to download it as long as it is for your private use.

Recap of recent developments: Now that both Jin Lin, Suo Tou are dead and the encoder is no longer functioning, things seem to be going well on the surface for Jian Zi, Tang Yin and Autumn’s Door. However Zhan Shi Li is still trying to keep Jian Zi at the Island and hoping that a marriage between Jian Zi and Ming Zhu a doctor who comes from a powerful family. Will Jian Zi be able to gain the freedom he desires and leave with Tang Yin to start a new chapter in their lives or will Zhan Shi Li get what he wishes? And what about Commissioner Li? Now that Jin Lin is no longer in the picture, will be decide to become an upright police officer or will he continue his battle with Autumn’s Door and Jian Zi?



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  1. thank you for the sub title i hope last episode will be soon uploaded and ep 23 is really awesome and i love the drama specially the lead actor he is so cute now i am his fan hope last episode will be come out soon


  2. Oh, finally… so they saved it for such a poignant moment…

    It’s hard to believe now, but Hou Ming Hao was the reason I DIDN’T want to watch the drama when I first got to know about it and saw the young actor in some trailers and fanmade videos back in July. I was really disappointed – I’ve been Mike He’s fan since 2012 but I was considering to give up the drama without even trying to watch. My thought was “here they have the next baby face to make a fuss around and to be overexcited but me…, I’m too old for this”. I changed my mind last week of August when making final decision and going through last clips on YT, I heard the song. I was intrigued by Neo’s voice, and here I am now…

    The previous episode was an outstanding demonstration of Hou Ming Hao’s acting skills, a playing expression at the ultimate level…
    In the current episode, again, in the scene of confronting the father, his performance is remarkable.
    With each episode I love him more and more….

    Thank you so much for subbing!


  3. Sublime episode, together with ep 8, 15, 16 best episodes of the drama.

    The start of the episode was great in showing what type of mature actor Hou Ming Ha might become in the future. Hope to see more of his acting in the future (maybe should give Rakshasa street a go, not sure anybody a recommendation on that one if it is worth watching).
    I was a bit disappointed that with one shower they turned him back into a squeaky clean puppy … surely they could have kept some of the rough raw look on him for the rest of the episode.

    Things are turning a bit Shakespearian destructive all around, I am burning up with anticipation how all the loose ends with be tied up. I am still expecting some biblical resurrections in the last episode.

    I can not express enough my gratitude for the majestic effort of “productive procrastinator” in doing the subs for this Cdrama. Will you do a next drama after this one ?


    1. Thanks for all the comments. You guys gave me a lot of motivation to continue subbing 🙂
      And yes I will be subbing some more cdramas after this one, the sequel to Lost love in times, Chef Fang, Ugly Girl Hai Ru Yi and Agent X 🙂 Although I have to put Ugly Girl Hai Ru Yi on hold at the moment because of a timing issue that I need to sort out.


  4. TT This episode too!! I look forward to ep 24 and I want to thank you GREATLY for these subs. (It also helped me discover Hou Ming Hao and Zhou Yu Tong to follow in acting!)


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