Cambrian Period Ep 24

Disclaimer: This is a fansub, so apologies for any grammatical mistakes. Please do not reupload this video in any format or on any server although it is fine to download it as long as it is for your private use.

Recap of recent developments: Now that both Jin Lin, Suo Tou are dead and the encoder is no longer functioning, things seem to be going well on the surface for Jian Zi, Tang Yin and Autumn’s Door. However Zhan Shi Li is still trying to keep Jian Zi at the Island and hoping that a marriage between Jian Zi and Ming Zhu a doctor who comes from a powerful family. Will Jian Zi be able to gain the freedom he desires and leave with Tang Yin to start a new chapter in their lives or will Zhan Shi Li get what he wishes? And what about Commissioner Li? Now that Jin Lin is no longer in the picture, will be decide to become an upright police officer or will he continue his battle with Autumn’s Door and Jian Zi?


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  1. Wow, idk what happen in the end, I’m lost can someone explain to me? Did Jian Zi survive or not? And did Jian Zi and Tang Yin live together forever? Did Jian Zi continue to be Lian Pu? Is Autumns door fine? Wow so many questions have been popping up my mind, I swear I won’t forget this and I’ll rewatch it again! Please help me by answering my questions I’m really confused and btw Tang Yin and Jian Zi make a cute and good couple! Tbh I ship them both in person hehe don’t kill me please and thanks to whoever reply to my questions! 😊


    1. Read through the comments below. Personally, I think he lived and their together and he’s watching over the city. But Autumns Door is now a legit company, right? No more need for Lian Pu other than just watching out for his Autumns Door family.


  2. 😭😭 It hurts for me to accept the ending easily. Bur still it’s a wonderful heart melting love story of Tang Yin and Jian Zi for me. They are both really cute. Most of the scene Jian Zi did, it reminds me of Luhan former (EXO). Thank you so much for subbing all the episodes. I will miss this Chinese Drama. I wish they will visit Philippines in the future😊.


  3. What will happened next? Will they be together again and have a happy ending? Hoping their will be season 2!!!

    Ahhh!!! So heartbroken, my heart broke into pieces by pieces but but tear aren’t running down.


  4. i watched this drama in three days and although its only my second c-drama, i usually watch kdramas (i’ve watched 17+), it is definitely one of the best dramas i’ve ever watched. it gave me somewhat city hunter vibes at first, but the plot developed into something much more complex and touching. the ending is killing me but i have to say that i completely fell in love with Hou Ming Hao (and he really does remind me of luhan)


  5. Wait what is they the ending I need more ….. and also is jian zi dead ???
    Does that mean that tang yin and jian zi will never be together??😭😭😭😭😭😭


      1. … a cry of pain, understandable

        by the way (if we are here again)
        I’ve only recently digged up videos from YOUKU promotional events for Cambrian Period:

        YOUKU “stage” promotional event [full 6:51]

        YOUKU “BTS” interview with Zhou Yu Tong, Hou Ming Hao, Han Chin and Mike He (radiating with his smile all the time) [7:01]


  6. Hello! thank you for your hard work, we do appreciate your effort and kindness for subbing this drama.
    The story was a great not your typical plot, the chemistry between the leads and their friend was also great and I sincerely hope they make a second season since it was an open ending… anyways thank you!


  7. Productive Procratinator,
    First of all, I would like to thank you for your hard effort and kindness for upload and subbing this drama.
    I love how this drama can potray very well an intrique and darkness life of gangster behind of their glamour and wealthy lifestyle.
    I also surprise with the first male lead’s acting since he’s newbie for being first lead but still he can do his part so perfect with his cute face and innocence image. I really hope can see his next project soon. Not even mention how great his chemistry with the female lead.
    I love c-drama even if I would prefer happy ending than sad end. But I dont think can handle this kind of open ending. How can they give us this cliffhanger feeling.


    1. I think he did not die and that the fact that he is “dead” is an opportunity to return to her. I think he also came back with her because at the end you can see that he was wearing the suit and his suit was in his house so he had to go back for the suit to meet her.

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  8. Hi can you recommend any similiar cdramas like cambrian period male lead is some kind of agent/spy? Or like some action romance theme mixed i already watched memory lost/ fall in love with a snail/ love me if you dare…


    1. You could try Agent X which I am starting to sub right now. Both the male and female lead are spies. There’s also this drama called the Masked Lover, which is a taiwanese drama the male lead is an undercover police officer and the female lead is pretending to be her twin sister who is the leader of a gang. It’s fully subbed on viki. I would recommend watching that if you enjoyed Cambrian Period and Memory Lost.
      There’s also Cruel Romance as well, the male lead is a mafia boss rather than an agent or spy and there’s romance as well.


      1. Yes! I can find many similarities between B&W (my fav drama!) and CP.
        By the way, speaking of BW, there was the original project for subtitles carried out in 2009 by Sublimesfansubs. I downloaded soft subs from their site last year, but the problem is they are not synced with any of the video version currently available (there are parts/dialogues doubled which needed to be cut out).
        So I adjusted all the timing myself – to synchronize the subs with the raw video files I’d had from Kenny Wong YT channel [.com/playlist?list=PL2DCB67DEE867ABF0].
        I posted the info once, but this site is dead now. If anybody’s interested in receiving corrected subs, you can try contact me via MyDramalist (AnnMarge). I send it only at request via e-mail.
        I do not recommend hardsubbed version shared by Aprilia Zhou because the English used is poor (the plot is very complex so I think it needs good translation, the job done by Sublimesfansubs is excellent).


  9. Productive Procrastinator,
    once again, I would like to thank you with all my heart.
    It was a pleasure to visit your blog and be a guest of your kindness.
    For me such an event, it’s been the first time. Although I’ve been watching Chinese dramas for five years, I was always late to every show and they had already been subbed long before. This time I had to wait for episodes to be translated, there was suspense and tension, and I’m glad I could experience it 🙂

    Lastly, about Hou Ming Hao…
    Cambrian Period looks like a drama tailor-made for him and it’s absolutely incredible the producers gave him such an opportunity in life. I wish he would get a chance to record a full-length music album. I hope there are people that will help him.

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    1. what a quality! the picture is giant (2997×2000):

      the shooting for the drama started in Nov 2016, our leads during the opening ceremony:

      it feels like goodbye 🙂 :


    2. uppps, it’s happening again to me…

      PP, my comment with links to a few pictures is awaiting your moderation… (I’m sorry)
      I uploaded images myself, but they haven’t been modified and come from sources as described on them


  10. Oh my…. i’m still processing…. no, actually, i’m mourning…
    I don’t want to believe that’s the end… two more episodes, please….
    But honestly, I don’t think they’re going to give us season two… *, and I guess that with all the clues from earlier episodes they wanted to prepare us for such a conclusion. So my impression is, it’s final. For both characters the journey to maturity & love has been completed.


    …* I’m afraid, in the writes’ vision, Jian Zi and Tang Yin aren’t even destined to meet again…
    Considering the trauma Jian Zi experienced in ep. 22, the person that couldn’t be resurrected was the old Jian Zi. The question was what he would choose, and I liked how in the end he found the way to reject his father’s rotten inheritance and still remain loyal to the people of Autumn’s Door. I assume these were the brothers from AD who created the opportunity for him, but at the same time (sadly) it became a perfect opportunity to relieve Tang Yin of himself. Jian Zi witnessed Tang Yin’s death once and it was real for him, then again she was exposed to danger at the police station because of him. He’s really burdened with responsibility and guilt. No matter what, he wants to protect her…
    It must be for a reason these words were repeated three times in the drama:
    “we have to live more fulfilled, happier lives” Maimai’s mother (in Jian Zi’s recollection / quoted twice by Tang Yin)

    “Saying goodbye requires courage, right?” Tang Yi


    1. if there, perhaps the next stories lian ji didint die an he entered the prison an free so life happy ever after with tang yi lol


  11. The optimistic me believe that he did not died but has to be hidden as he faced 20 years imprisonment. Also as Tang Yin had said that he would not be happy living outside the island and Autumn Door.He had to made repayment for the sacrifices his dead brothers made for Autumn Door as well as his father and teacher. Moreover he and Tang Yin believed in crimes and punishment and all the others were either killed,committed suicide or in prison. Episode 2 had stated that Cambrian Period was to end yesterday’s past /his period of darkness, before there can be a tomorrow’s future.

    THANK-YOU for the subs for us to enjoyed this gem.Hope you will continued your good work.

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    1. I agree – he has to stay “dead” but hopefully he and Tang Yin are together. (I’m quite certain she passed him another needle/pin to pick his handcuffs in that goodbye kiss.)


  12. Most of the loose ends got tied up nicely in this satisfying last episode, the plot lines by in large went they way I expected them to go (can not really say more without going into spoiler mode).
    Cambrian period was a splendorous watch, it for sure rates in my top 5 Cdrama list.

    My motivation to increase my knowledge of geology is limited but this instalment made me look-up what the Cambrian period was about, I can appreciate the resourceful choice of title for this drama. Asian drama English titles are often atrociously chosen from cliche to grammatically incorrect to downright silly.

    Both young main leads acting ability evolved positively over the course of the episode, however Mike He performance in the last episode felt a bit off to me, it lacked depth. I do not have a lot of criticism for Hou Ming Hao but for his next romantic outing could they maybe find some ladies to improve his kissing acting a bit …

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you … we would not have been able to enjoy this drama without the subs.


  13. SHUT UP!
    oh and at the end i think it is maybe Jian Zi, he probably survived, or it could be Tang yin 0_0.


  14. Thank yooooou! (I squealed when I saw this pop up >.<) You're amazing and I wanted to say keep up the great work, I'll definitely keep a watch of what you sub! ^^


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