Ugly Girl Hai Ru Hua Ep 2 English subtitles

Disclaimer: This is only a fan sub so please do not reupload this video.
Lu Ru Hua is a well-known “salesman” in Haicheng University, where she will do anything to make money, from sneaking into the boy’s dorm to deliver takeaways to queuing in the scorching sun to get other people’s military training equipment and a stock of anything that you could possibly need at a university all whilst she is studying. However the reason why she does this is to pay the crippling debts her parents left behind after their death and the exorbitant medical fees for her twin brother, Lu Si Yu, the student who achieved the highest marks in the entrance exam in that year.

Things change for her when she meets Wen Chu, a rich heir and a talented oil painter at the university. Although it was hate at first sight due to a series of misunderstandings, their relationship improves over time and soon they fall in love.

But things never go smoothly and a series of incidents tests their dreams, ambitions, love and friendship as they navigate through the 4 years of university as they learn what being a youth (young adult) is about.



  1. I don’t know chinese language still I watch chinese dramas. Hope you provide sub to the lady house and legend of mermaid. First mermaid legend 2013 one as its that am anxiously waiting to watch.


  2. This is like a bite of comfort food, nothing unpredictable, nothing deeply intellectual but just hitting the spot with a quick fix of light drama.

    Can somebody buy the poor girl a wallet to keep her money … from my recollection of china business trips you do not really get a lot of coins but just a lot of dirty crumbled notes. But since they all have phones I would have expected them to pay electronically as college students.

    I feel nothing but veneration for one so gifted in doing subs, thank you for your valuable time


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