Lost Love in Times SP Ep 12

Disclaimer: This is a fansub so apologies for any mistakes I might have made. PLEASE DO NOT REUPLOAD this video as it takes the subber a lot of time and effort to do.

To save Tao Yang City from the invasion by Markasha and to protect Qing Chen, Prince Yuan Che almost loses his life in the process. Desperate to save him, Qing Chen uses the Lunar Corona Stone to try and save his life. Unfortunately, despite her efforts, Yuan Che was unable to wake up as he has lost most of his spirit. Meanwhile, the dark mages i.e. the Jade Blood Chamber are doing everything to lay their hands on the lunar corona stone which has now become a part of him and keeping him alive. To call for help, he sends dreams to both Cai Qian and Ming Yan to help him.

Things have gone relatively smoothly for Cai Qian in the first and second dream, despite the few blips due to the schemes of the Dark Mage who followed her into both dreams. Although Che does not recognize her in the dream, she eventually gains his trust and his heart. However, the Dark Mages have not given up yet and there is still one last part of Che’s soul that Cai Qian has to gather before her lover will be able to live in the real world.


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  1. Thank you so much the English subtitles! I know it must have taken you ages to do so and it was very much appreciated. I’m so glad I was finally able to watch this and understand what they were saying. Many thanks!!!!


  2. Thanks so much for having the patience to sub this and then assist when viewers have issues. I kinda see now why they didn’t promote it much (I assume because of the “gay romance” at the beginning). Either way, I really enjoyed this and appreciate that you enjoyed it enough to share it with us. Thanks!!


  3. I wondered about Prince Che at the end of Lost Love in Times. I really liked his character and the one that he loved. I am happy to have come across the drama about mostly those two.. Thanks subbers!!!!


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