Hi Flower! Ep 6 English subbed

Disclaimer: This is only a fan sub. Please do not reupload.

As Lu Ru Hua settles into university, despite the little hiccup during the university military training, her business is slowly booming, more and more students require her services such as breakfast delivery, buying from her online shop etc. However, Wen Chu still hates her guts and someone in the shadows is already trying to ruin her chances of getting a scholarship. is it Wen Chu or someone else?



  1. Looking forward for the next episode, thank you bery much. Take your time, I know its time consuming too. Just saying your subs are already good…👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 keep it up

    Sending 💞


  2. Coming back from the new year fire works in HK I found this fantastic new year surprise … another episode of Ugly Girl Hai Ru Hua .
    This drama is very light and fluffy, nothing but cliche in the story telling, but I can not help it, I love it to bits, just what I need to relax and forget about all the worries in the world.

    Your subs are like a sky full of brilliant fireworks, thank you


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