Ice Destiny Fantasy Ep 1-8

Ice Fantasy Destiny transports the epic fantasy adventure story into a modern day setting. It is the year 2020 and Kasuo has been reincarnated as Feng Suo, the head of a high technology company. He inadvertently unlocks memories of the past and regains his power, thus igniting a new chapter in the history of the ice and fire tribe. (synopsis)

Ep 2-8 Credits to windiossiesta

Ep 1

Ep 2

Ep 3

Ep 4

Ep 5

Ep 6

Ep 7

Ep 8

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Ep 1   Ep 2   Ep 3   Ep 4    Ep 5   Ep 6   Ep 7   Ep 8   Ep 9   Ep 10   Ep 11   Ep 12   Ep 13

Ep 14   Ep 15   Ep 16


  1. Thanks for subbing these! Since Netflix only has the first series in the U.S., I appreciate having a way to watch this one.


  2. Thanks so much for posting these! A lot of people in the English-speaking Ice Fantasy fandom were waiting for Viki to pick it up or for WindiosSiesta to finish the remaining episodes. Watching episode 1 now. Great translation and video quality. Going to marathon these all day. I think I can get some more traffic your way too.


  3. Ep 2-8 were not subbed by me. All credits go to windiossiesta so the quality of the subs are a out of my control. Apologies for that. Ep 1 and Ep 9 onwards will be subbed by me unless windiossiests decides to pick this up again. The reason why I subbed this was because one of my collaborators needed the english subs urgently so please keep an eye out for any updates if you are interested in this drama 🙂


  4. The first episode was laugh-out loud funny. I only got thru 3 episodes of the original Ice Fantasy before I decided it was not my thing, but this spin-off is a real hoot.
    The scene with the Michael Jackson dance … sure that most folks who watched before nearly peed in their pants laughing.

    Had some serious doubts on the scene with the mountain climbing, William Feng barely has enough muscle frame to open a carton of milk, really do not think he could climb a vertical rock unaided …

    Thank you very much for the subs, I was actually looking for another “Hi Flower” or “Chef Fang” but found this drama instead … this will do nicely.
    I will dedicate a Michael Jackson disco routine in front of my bedroom mirror tonight to you in honor of the time you spend on making these subs …


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