Ice Fantasy Destiny Ep 9 English subbed

Ice Fantasy Destiny transports the epic fantasy adventure story into a modern day setting. It is the year 2020 and Kasuo has been reincarnated as Feng Suo, the head of a high technology company. He inadvertently unlocks memories of the past and regains his power, thus igniting a new chapter in the history of the ice and fire tribe.


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  1. Its black all the time why? it wasnt like this yesterday and i really wanna see episode 9-16 😭 and can you plz get game of thrones on håthis site i cant find it anywhere.


  2. Xie xie ni !
    In the future, do have intent to sub Above the Clouds, The Legend of Flying Daggers, As Flowers Fade and Fly Across The Sky, Be With You (2017), Die Sterntaler, Legendary Di Renjie, Legend of the Dragon Pearl: The Indistinguishable Road, Shining Days, The Glory of Tang Dynasty and Princess of Lanling King (as least, what remains unsubbed of it because I don’t know why it’s been months since the subbing team stopped subbing in the middle of it) ?


  3. Thank you so much for helping on this. Are you a FSF fan? I am going to Shanghai in February and I hope to learn a lot more Mandarin in my Intensive courses. I really thank you for subbing it a lot because I thought it was never coming back. I left my fb fan page for FSF on the website portion, I hope you can come check it out.


  4. Hii
    Thanks for subs. This has being subbed by matianyu fanpage. I’m glad you are continuing their’s project. But wanna know why you are doing this so sudden keeping behind other projects? Do anyone told you to sub? Is everything all right with that page admin ’cause from last 2 months the admin is inactive on that page?


    1. Hi I don’t know either. One of my collaborators were working with the timing for this drama with the admin of that page but they haven’t received any reply from them for several months so they asked if I could help them out with it which is why I decided to take on this project. Of course if they decide to continue, I will probably stop


      1. We too don’t know either. Many of us messaged the admin but no one got the response. Anyways thanks to you and your team. I hope everything will be fine with that admin. And i would like to request you – please finish this small drama as soon as possible. We already waited a lot. Thanks again.


      2. Hello
        Too glad to found further subbed episodes. I was waiting for it since last year. I wanna ask a question : Does that collaborator of yours is rayma fan? Are you people going to sub more of rayma’s works? On youtube (legally uploaded) some of his dramas need subtitles?


  5. Thank you so much for destiny ep9.
    we have been waiting for remaining eps but don’t know why it got struck in between. pls continue subbing this series till end.


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