Hi Flower Ep 7 English subbed

Disclaimer: This is only a fan sub. Please do not reupload.

After coming back from military training, things are not going smoothly for Lu Ru Hua, our cute female protagonist.  First, Wen Chu owes her a lot of money. Her brother, Si Yu resolves this by suggesting Wen Chu pay back his debts by working for her and helping her with her odd jobs. This annoys Wen Chu further however he invites Ru Hua over to his apartment when the two of them are locked out from their university dormitories.

Then there is the person who got her into trouble at the military camp continues to try and cause her more trouble. But who is it? Could it really be Wen Chu? Or Ji Zi Su who harbors  a secret crush on Wen Chu?



  1. Thank you for the subs, I am enjoying this so much ❤ Please keeep on your hard work…. And really, Thank you for make my time funnier… Wish the best to you ❤


  2. When will episode 8 be out? I’ve been wanting to watch it since the beginning of the month, but no rush. Thanks for the hard work, time, and effort you put into this. I really appreciate it.


  3. Just…do you take requests? I mean, would you sub an unsubbed drama that I know for sure a lot of people are dying to watch but has had only a few eps subbed in a year?

    “Fool in Love with You” has the few first eps subbed but the subbing stopped suddenly..in mydramalist there are a lot of individuals commenting about how it is a great shame no one is subbing it, could you maybe consider it in the future?


    1. Please ignore my question if it burdens you, oh and I forgot thank you so much for all your hard work!!! I’m enjoying this light drama so much!


  4. Thank you so much for translating this. I have to say with each episode it becomes more difficult to wait, haha, because I want some comeuppance for her roommate who constantly sets her up. I wonder if it will come tho, since the credits show her having a relationship with her brother, so? I also am dying to see the rich guys involvement with her. But honestly, I am just excited, I know you have a life 🙂 and I am happy to receive the gift of your time and talent for translating this , so thanks so much!


  5. All is well in the world again … at least that is always the feeling I have after watching another episode of Hi Flower, the main character just warms your heart.

    I wish I could understand some of the humor with Wen Chu getting his Chinese proverbs wrong, I can imagine those moments are hilarious for native speakers.

    A warm glowing thank you for the subs to chase away the miserable winter cold.

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    1. I think the funniest proverb that he got wrong in this episode was the one about carving his eyeballs out. So what he meant was one day you’ll see admire me/ see me in a different light. But the literal translation of the proverb is “carving sight out to look in a different light” but because the words for sight and eyes in chinese are synonyms of each other and mean different things in different contexts and with different word combinations so he confused the two, forgot the last two characters as well so it became “one day you will carve my eyeballs out.”

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