The Spirit Paiper Mache Offering Shop Film (Links to watch & Review)


With an immortal body and the ability to see ghosts (The Ying Yang sight) , Xiao An (Aifeier) has always been troubled by ghosts. She runs a Paiper Mache shop for spirits. Every night she will burn objects made from Paiper Mache to offer to the wandering ghosts so that they will be able to lead better lives whilst in the human world and hopefully find the Ying Yang path to leave this world. However, one powerful ghost, Quan De Xi(Si Qiu) has been by her side for a long time and no matter what she has tried De Xi has never been able to leave..
One night she meets the innocent Su Jin(Ge Zheng) who she plans to give to De Xi as a lover in order to fulfil De Xi’s wish for a partner so that she can leave the world without regrets.
But whilst in the process of sending De Xi away, she learns of her past and why she has been able to live for so long. But why has De Xi been by her side all this time? Also, what will become of De Xi, Xiao An and Su Jin?


This has to be one of the best chinese ghost films I have seen this year and I felt that it was such a shame that it did not have any english subtitles so I decided to translate it and share it with you guys. Why? First of all, I felt that it was very well executed and directed. There were only 3 main characters and the plot focused well on resolving the issues and executing it in a way that was logical. Throughout the film, there were little hints that suggests what the truth was but it wasn’t until the end when we finally find out what it all meant. But if you were like me, who didn’t really pay attention to the details there is a big plot twist at the end so prepare to be surprised at the end.

Secondly, it’s very easy for ghosts in horror films to be over exaggerated that the whole ghost thing becomes hilarious rather than scary. For me personally, I found the ghosts here quite scary at first but then you get used to them, especially De Xi who you see them as someone with a story rather than part of the scare factor.

One final thing remember to get your tissues ready because you might need them.


I guess for a ~60 minute film there isn’t really that much time for character development. After all, for some dramas that is the length of an entire episode. However, glimpses of the past shows you how the characters have developed through time and how their outlook towards life has changed. I find that it is one of those films that make you think about deep issues such as the human nature which I think is the main topic that the film is trying to portray through this film.

For rookies, I think the actors and actresses were pretty good at portraying their characters and making them convincing, despite there was that little blip in acting by the actress who played Xiao An right at the end.


Overall, I felt the production was pretty good for a chinese ghost film which are usually over exaggerated that it’s borderline hilarious. I loved the soundtrack which really helped to create the mood; I loved the colour scheme and the scenery. Although you could tell that they didn’t have a large budget for the film but with what was done, the production really brought a well-written plot into life.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Full video links:


  1. Hi! Thank you for all your work!! ❤

    I'd love to watch this film (btw, for anyone wondering, you can find it as "Ling Hun Zhi Zha Dian" in MyDramaList), but unfortunately (as another commenter said already) the links provided don't work anymore!!!
    Would you please fix them when you're convenient? Thanks in advance!! 🙂


  2. I came across this review and would love to watch this movie. However, the above dailymotion links are no longer working. Can you please upload an alternative link.


  3. Thank you for subbing and sharing such a gem! I did not see the twist coming either. Loved the characters- simple but well written story. Thank you!!


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