Agent X Ep 5 English subbed

Disclaimer: This is a fansub so please do not reupload this video.

Synopsis: During a mission, Zhong Li and her superior, an elite agent by the name of He Jun Feng accidentally met. Two wholly different people are seemingly pulled together by fate, and sparks of love result. They are quarrelsome lovers, and often argue;yet they are a couple whether in life or death,will help each other without reason at critical moments, and risk their lives to finish one mission after the other. Yet…dangerous fights,suffocating betrayals, a fated love story and the dazzling society….everything will be ready soon.

(synopsis from MydramaList)



      1. When do you think you’ll be able to start working on Agent X? I’m dying to watch episode 6 with English subtitles! Thanks for all your hard work!!!


  1. I’ve searched for agent X with english subs everywhere… No luck finding any. Does it have a low rating or what?


  2. Thank you so much for the new episode!! It makes me want to watch the rest lol..even if I don´t have a clue what they are saying.


  3. FYI: This is what the they are saying in the preview:
    Zhong Li: I will only give you 1 minute
    Director Qian: We wasted our time.
    Instructor He: Leave!
    Zhong Li: I have to do accomplish something now or all 3 of us will end up on the island!
    Luo Yifei: It’s crooked!
    Zhong Li: I killed him.
    Tan Ruiling: Then you’ve earned yourself some credit.
    He Jun Feng: Does the training camp have no-one these days? You did that without permission
    are you not afraid the director will punish you?
    Director Qian: Our military affairs secretary is He Jun Feng.


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