Hi Flower Ep 9 English subbed

Finally things start to heat up as Lu Ru Hua and Wen Chu are accused of stealing two VIP tickets to see an art exhibition of the famous and reclusive artist David Paul. However, as both of them are not the culprit and that they have no way to prove that they didn’t steal the tickets, Ru Hua chose to take all the blame so that the university would not dismiss both of them. As a result, her business was affected and she is kicked out of the prestigious project team that was formed by Professor Shu Shi an illustrious artist who also seems to be stuck in between feud between Wen Chu’s mother and Bei Che, a big sponsor of the university and who is overseaing the project that Professor Shu Shi is running. But when Professor Shu Shi send Ru Hua’s painting to Bei Che, could this overturn Ru Hua’s misfortune?



  1. What a perfect preparation for Chinese New Year another few episodes of Hi Flower!. I wish I had the patience to save up them up a few more weeks, I am always a bit heart broken that they are so short.

    The interaction on the “case” misunderstanding was hilarious, are there really that many words/expressions in Mandarin that can mean multiple things ?
    A bit of eyebrow raising that she did not have pads with her but that she has a full range of male supplies in her rucksack, university students must get a lot of action …

    From my experience alcohol tolerance in Asia is pretty low, so drinking a bottle of Chivas Regal should have put our nasty female in the hospital with alcohol poisoning, but this is Cdrama lots of distortions of reality always a possibility.

    Let me bundle up a lot of good fortune and prosperity wishes to thank you for the subs, as always I am in awe for time effort you invest to give other people enjoyment.


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