Hi Flower Ep 12 Eng subbed

For Ru Hua, perhaps one of the good things about getting kicked off the project team is running into Bei Che, Wen Chu’s stepbrother. He’s supportive in her work, gives her odd jobs that pay well and treats her kindly despite Wen Chu’s rudeness to him. But Wen Chu can’t help but feel that Bei Che may have ulterior motives for approaching Ru Hua, or maybe because it’s jealousy talking? Anyway, despite their constant bickering and disagreements concerning Bei Che, Wen Chu and Ru Hua are getting closer. Meanwhile, Liu Liu and Su Mei seem to be progressing quite quickly too and Ru Hua’s brother Si Yu, could he help the heartbroken Zisu move on again?





  1. Awesome to be able to watch a batch of episodes at the end of Chinese New Year week (restrained myself for over a week before I indulged in the hoarded goodies). Overall a nice progression of relationships and gratifying build-up of background facts of the main characters.

    The first half of ep12 felt a bit off, very disturbing scene of inappropriate obsessive behaviour towards Bei Che by his employee followed by an off-beat slapstick extravaganza with the restaurant birthday celebration, transgressions easily forgotten by the cheery happy second half.

    They have some amazing electric appliances in China … it takes only 5 seconds to nuke a dish out of the fridge, that is about 10 times faster than any other microwave I have ever used.

    Wish I could give you a virtual lai see red package to thank you for your formidable time dedication in providing subs.

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  2. 🙂 Thank you for subbing!! I always feel you have such perfect timing.. Today’s been a rough day.
    Whenever times have been tough, it’s so cool how you come out with a new episode of Hi Flower!

    Thank you so much for the work that you do and the smiles that you bring.

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  3. FYI: The name of the karaoke songs in this episode are:
    1) Su Mei’s song: I miss you so much/I miss you (Tiny Times OST sung by Sodagreen)
    2) Wen Chu’s song: Heartless you (sung by Jordan Chan) chinese karaoke classic
    3) Wen Chu and Ru Hua’s duet: Little dimples/small dimple(sung by JJ Lin ft Charlene Choi

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