Hi Flower Ep 14 english subbed

For Ru Hua, perhaps one of the good things about getting kicked off the project team is running into Bei Che, Wen Chu’s stepbrother. He’s supportive in her work, gives her odd jobs that pay well and treats her kindly despite Wen Chu’s rudeness to him. But Wen Chu can’t help but feel that Bei Che may have ulterior motives for approaching Ru Hua, or maybe because it’s jealousy talking? Anyway, despite their constant bickering and disagreements concerning Bei Che, Wen Chu and Ru Hua are getting closer. Meanwhile, Liu Liu and Su Mei seem to be progressing quite quickly too and Ru Hua’s brother Si Yu, could he help the heartbroken Zisu move on again?




  1. Just discovered this drama and now I can’t stop watching. I’m very grateful for the subs. Thank you. So while waiting for the subs of the other eps, I’m gonna watch this without subs. 😊


  2. I really like this drama thank you for subbing it ,I really hope it gets subbed till the end. keep up the good work.


  3. So happy with another dose of happiness in the form of Hi Flower episodes. The story itself does not move much but you just have to love the interactions between the various characters, the boy’s room bromance scenes are really precious.

    I kind of miss the morning alarm clock scenes with Wen Chu.

    May the universe grant you many good things for all the time you spend bringing us these subs.

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