Seige in Fog/Color of Night Ep 2

Synopsis: To the world, Yi Lian Kai is a rich playboy who cares very little about his filial responsibilities, compared to his talented elder brothers who falls in love with the daughter of a military officer who has fallen out of favor. Qing Sang, on the other hand is his unwilling bride who he used every means possible to marry, despite the fact that she still harbors feelings for her crush who disappears without a word. In the beginning of this coerced marriage, she rejects all his advances and gestures of love, but they slowly develop a stable partnership through the chaos from the constant battles for land and power between the different warlords. Things get complicated when Qing Sang’s old lover returns under a new identity and becomes her husband’s subordinate. Adapted from the novel Siege in Fog by Fei Wo Si Cun.

Ep 2: After the threat of Zhi Mountain is over, Qing Sang asks Yi Lian Kai to save her best friend’s distant cousin Pan Jian Chi which he grudgingly obliges to do. However, Pan Jian Chi is a man of secrets with a history with Qing Sang…..



  1. Will you still be subbing this…I have been advised Viki is subbing this and looks like they are now posting eps too. I don’t have a subscription to viki, so am hoping you still are. Looking forward to ep 20-21.


  2. Thank you for the subs. Sometimes you can guess a bit what’s going on without them, but that’s definitely not the case here so I really really appreciate your work!


  3. thank u for subbing. your subs are so good. the only thing about this drama, it seems like they show spoilers at the previews that roll at the end of show. yikes! i so don’t wanna see that stuff.


  4. Thanks so much for subbing this drama, and thank you for your notes on this episode and your post about Chinese warlords. It was so helpful in understanding what is going on in the drama. I look forward to the next episode.


  5. Still not sure what to make of this Cdrama, it is very pretty with solid acting performances but it is hard to follow the story and understand where all the different characters fit in. I feel like I am watching episode 17 and forgot to watch the previous 16 episodes. Thank you for explaining some of it in your comments, still it is a lot to grasp in just 2 episodes.

    Many thanks for the subs


  6. FYI
    Cultural notes:
    For anyone who doesn’t have good knowledge about chinese culture, you may struggle to get the essence of the conversation between the Pan Jian Chi and Yi Lian Kai. From my understanding of it, Pan Jian Chi is suggesting that the Yi family right now is hinting that the true leader is at Zhi Mountain (suggesting that the true warlord is Yi Lian Kai as dragons are meant to be the leader, hence emperors are often known as the dragon) and that the Yi family right now is just a blind tiger stumbling around who is only fine now only because of their power (military strength and reputation) but not a real leader. He also hints that Yi Lian Kai is hiding his true talents, triggering his anger.

    I’ve also noticed that people are confused about the warlord situation. I’ve written a blog post about chinese warlords which will hopefully clarify the situation:

    From what I understand, the basic gist of the story so far is, the Yi family is trying to maintain it’s grip in power in an area of China called Jiang Zuo. Because of the assassination of their main advisor, Mr Fan, as well as the ongoing battles with the General/warlord Li Chong Nian, warlords from other areas such as the Mu Rong family (in the north), Jiang Shuang Xi (in the North west region) are trying to steal some land under the noses of the Yi family to obtain more power. This was what happened in Zhi mountain in ep 1 when Mu Rong Feng tried to lead his army up the mountain and capture the mansions located there and keep the important/political figures on holiday there hostage so they can extort power/land/money from them. The head of the Yi family, Yi Ji Pei (father of Yi Lian Kai and his brothers) are trying to do everything he can to maintain his grip in power. Additionally, there’s also the Sky Alliance who are trying to overthrow the “rule” of the warlords and start a revolution.
    People like Master Gao, general Gao, Officer Song all work for the Yi family. Officer Yao however is Li Chong Nian’s close aide.

    Behind the political backdrop is Qin Sang and Yi Lian Kai. Qin Sang marries Yi Lian Kai to help her family, Yi Lian Kai marries her for reasons unspecified so far. She used to be the lover of the 2nd male lead Pan Jian Chi (who is a revolutionist/spy) who disappears when she suggests eloping after her family falls out of favor. Now, he’s back with a new identity with a hidden agenda. The first ep begins 2 years after the marriage of Yi Lian Kai and Qin Sang and although they are husband and wife in name only, they seem to have formed a stable relationship/partnership.
    Yi Lian Kai on the other hand is a bit more complicated, the painting/calligraphy his teacher, the assassinated Mr Fan, left him says “The General’s Mansion” suggesting that he wishes for him to take over his father’s position as a warlord and fight his brothers for that position. He’s only pretending to be a playboy to hide his talents so that he can secretly make plans to get that position.

    The 2nd male lead and the 2nd brother of this drama are rivals in love in the currently airing drama Legend of Dogu. Pan Jian Chi (2nd male lead) plays the evil scheming cousin who is thirsty for power but falls in love with Dogu Ban Ruo (played by Ady An) and is also her 1st love whilst the 2nd brother is the husband of Dogu Ban Ruo who is also hopelessly in love with her.
    If you like their acting, you can watch them in that drama. It is currently subbed by Viki.

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    1. thank you for the explanation, now I kinda grasped the point background of the story

      anw, isnt Pan Jian Chi the guy whom Qin Sang asked Yi Lian Kai to help find? if he is, why she acted like she doesnt know him?


    2. Thanks for the explanation. I had to familiarize myself again with this part of the novel because I read it last year lol. I do like Jeremy Tsui (Pan Jian Chi) but I am not a fan of Ady An or Hu Bing Qing so I’ll pass but good to know Jeremy is getting more roles. 😀


    3. Do you have the link to Legend of Dugu from Viki? The only thing I could find is Queen Dugu which has a different cast…On another note, thank you so much for subbing Siege in Fog! You are a life savior ^.^


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