Hi Flower/ Ugly Girl Hai Ru Hua Ep 18

Finally Wen Chu confronts the fact that he likes Ru Hua and confesses to her, giving her one day to tell him whether she likes him or not. But perhaps it’s fate that things wouldn’t go so smoothly as once again, the differences between Wen Chu and Ru Hua and their outlook in life once again drives a wedge between them…..



  1. This has been my favourite episode so far, surprising since the plot lines have been getting heavier, the main reason I got addicted to this drama in the first place was the initial lightheartedness and fluffiness of it. I did not mind that the story was going around in circles, but then as of ep 16 we had to jump on the emotional roller coaster.

    Had to like Ru Hua’s bag of goodies, the more promotional goods she gave out the fuller the bag looked, special new year eve’s magic.
    Now and then I get a bit distracted by Wen Chu, I am also watching Flame’s daughter, seeing the same face as romantic lead and then an hour later as main villain … it cracks me up a bit …

    Very grateful for the wonderful work you do to brings us these subs. Thank you.

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