Siege in Fog aka color of night Ep 14 & 15

To the world, Yi Lian Kai is a rich playboy who cares very little about his filial responsibilities, compared to his talented elder brothers who falls in love with the daughter of a military officer who has fallen out of favor. Qin Sang, on the other hand is his unwilling bride who he used every means possible to marry, despite the fact that she still harbors feelings for her crush who disappears without a word. In the beginning of this coerced marriage, she rejects all his advances and gestures of love, but they slowly develop a stable partnership through the chaos from the constant battles for land and power between the different warlords. Things get complicated when Qin Sang’s old lover returns under a new identity and becomes her husband’s subordinate. Adapted from the novel Siege in Fog by Fei Wo Si Cun.

Recap: Qin Sang’s father discovers that Li Wang Ping/ Pan Jian Chi is now living under the same roof as her and her husband. Thinking that she introduced him to her husband so that they could continue an illicit affair, the old master Qin scolds Qin Sang and orders her to send him away as soon as possible. However, this makes her reminisce the past and how she met and married Yi Liankai. But, whilst facing the choice of having to send her old lover away, Qin Sang hesitates, perhaps there is a 2nd chance for them?

Meanwhile, realizing that Yi Lianaki will never be hers, Yan Yun decides to leave the Yi family and asks General Yi to let her go, who begs her to remain for another year.

Ep 14

Ep 15


  1. A social-climbing, selfish mother, and a weak, fearful father? It’s a wonder they managed to raise such a good daughter. (Well, she does lack in emotion-recognition but I love her otherwise.)
    Male lead, though… of course she rejects him, any sane woman would; dude refuses to let her or anyone know that he loves her, (and over half of ALL problems would go away if he just opened his mouth) acts like she’s a possession, throws his temper around,(I’m glad he hasn’t smacked HER yet, based on all the things he throws around) gives actual HOUSES to other women etc. 😀

    I freaking love this series. Thank you so much for the subtitles, they’re awesome. I really appreciate you sharing this with us who wouldn’t get to watch it otherwise. 🙂


  2. Thank you for subbing!

    We finally know how they got together. QS really wants to be cold towards LYK but her heart is already soft for him. She’s stubborn and doesn’t want to admit she likes LYK.
    I think she didn’t actually want to leave with the ex bf but she was testing him one last time. Deep down she probably knows he would never elope with her.


  3. Thank you so much for the awesome update. It made me binge watch it from yesterday and i can’t wait for more eps. Thank you ❤


  4. Firstly, thank you sooooo much for the double update!
    I am happy they showed us how they got married since I was curious about it since Episode 1. QS needs to come to her senses. Is she seriously considering running away with her old flame -.-
    He will probably ditch her again lol.


  5. Woo hoo thanks for spoiling us I enjoy every bit of it :D. I am so glad Papa Qin slapped QS I am so tired of her spoiled rotten damsel in distress attitude lol. Dong Jun (Yi Lian Kai) looks so good with that light blue suit :). Haha so cliche to die right after a cough. This girl wants to elope? Not over YLK’s dead body!. SPOILER: We’re already on episode 15 which means in the next couple of episodes QS will finally accept her fate and return YLK’s feelings (I think haha!).

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