A Lifetime love Ep 7

Ah Mo (Victoria Song) escapes from her home to explore the world but runs into Chi Yun (Huang Xiao Ming) who she sees as a bit of a waste of space and a wastrel but to her frustration this rogue who tries to ask for her hand of marriage and makes her pay for meals shares a name with one of the greatest heros of her time Chi Yun (not knowing that he is indeed that person). But while she’s busy exploring, her father and eldest brother are planning to marry her off to Sheng Lun (Peter Sheng) the eldest prince of the Ling Yun tribe so that the two tribes can form a stronger alliance to defeat their enemy the Xuan Mu tribe and their ally, Ruo Jiang who is led by Chi Yun.



  1. Pls where can I see episode 8 I noticed that some episodes are missing pls help us and upload them we like watching without interruptions pls, thanks for that


      1. Hi,
        Thank you for your message.
        I checked back a couple of times since last night and it’s still not working. There is no video for episode 7 nor episode 6. 😦


  2. Thanks for subbing. Ah Mo could have explained better to Chi Yun the situation. Lack of communication always, always leads to misunderstandings and tragedy


    1. Sometimes explaining things will only bring false hope and make things harder. If you can’t continue then you must play the bad guy and be cruel.


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