Color of night (siege in fog) Ep 18 & 19

To the world, Yi Lian Kai is a rich playboy who cares very little about his filial responsibilities, compared to his talented elder brothers and who falls in love with the daughter of a government official who has fallen out of favor. Qin Sang, on the other hand is his unwilling bride who he used every means possible to marry, despite the fact that she still harbors feelings for her crush who disappears without a word. In the beginning of this coerced marriage, she rejects all his advances and gestures of love, but they slowly develop a stable partnership through the chaos from the constant battles for land and power between the different warlords. Things get complicated when Qin Sang’s old lover returns under a new identity and becomes her husband’s subordinate. Adapted from the novel Siege in Fog by Fei Wo Si Cun.

Recap: Pan Jianchi fails to meet up with Qin Sang, instead it is Yi Liankai who turns up. But when Yi Liankai tries to persuade Qin Sang to forget her old lover but they end up disagreeing and arguing. In a fit of jealousy, Liankai ends up confessing his love to Qin Sang and brings her back to the Cheng Residence. The two then plot together to kill the man who caused Qin Sang to lose her mother and her father to fall out of favor, Fu Rongcai……

Ep 18

Ep 19


  1. I noticed other drama websites are using your subs for this drama. How do I know? because they are still at ep 19 like we are right now for more than 1 weeks. Is that ok? just wondering.


  2. Thank you so much for taking your precious time and your efforts to sub this drama, so that non-mandarin speaking/reading people like me could also enjoy it. Really appreciate it! 🙂


  3. TBH, I’ve never ever RESFRESH a page this many times in my whole entire life, (for dramas, except for EXO)!❤️ By the way, great job with the subbing! This is one of the Best Websites ever!


  4. Hey Productive Procrastinator, I’m so thankful that you’re subbing this drama. I have a question, how long do you think it’ll take you to finish subbing all 50 episodes of this drama? around what time of the year will you be done? Thank you so much!


  5. this drama is killing me, its super intresting and im really waiting for ep 20 and 21 which day finally accept each other .
    thanks for your subtitles, is it just possible to sub these episodes sooner?


  6. This drama is poignant and sobering. I think it will break my heart if any of the pairs have a bad ending.I am just praying super hard. Thanks for the subs. Otherwise I was contemplating learning Mandarin 🙂 .Eagerly waiting for the next episode!


    1. If you pay attention to the opening of this drama it shows two of the couples ending. If you don’t want to know, skip over the opening and just start watching the episode itself.


  7. Episode 18 QS was looking forward to elope with PJC then in episode 19 QS tells YLK to be careful after he told her to escape if he doesn’t return by night time. I thought she wanted him dead? I don’t think she can ever make up her mind. Btw, SPOILER moderately cringey confession coming up lol.


  8. I can’t believe Wang Ping left her again 🤬 He screwed her over once, shame on him, twice shame on her, smh. She better not forgive him this time! Did anyone else notice the glimmer of hope on Lian Kai’s face when Qing Sang said he should have confessed to her sooner? Poor guy. But then again I can’t feel that bad for him because he’s really good at being an ass.

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  9. Yes i was waiting for this épisode because i saw the part transleted in your YouTube channel thanks. …..


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