Hi Flower Ep 26 & 27

Just when things seem to be going smoothly for Ru Hua, Wen Chu’s mom decides to come back to China. But she makes her intentions clear that she doesn’t like Ru Hua anywhere near Wen Chu despite being cordial and understanding on the surface. Ru Hua tries to keep calm and believe in Wen Chu that he will protect their relationship but as she watches Wen Chu is trying to change himself to adapt himself to her lifestyle and to make her feel that there is less of a difference between them she realizes that perhaps their future may not be as bright as she believes it to be…..

Ep 26

Ep 27


  1. Thank you so much for the subs! Wow the end is almost near. Few more episodes to go and you will have completed another subbing project successfully! Jaiyo!

    P.S. since you do hard subs I would like to suggest you should add a logo (representing your blog) in your videos so everyone knows it’s you who is subbing this. It would also help people find this blog.


  2. Can you please make the subtitile for sealed with a kiss? I had spent the whole day to find the episode with english subs eventho that drama is quite old but nah idk


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