Bloody Romance (literal translation: Seduction has no borders) 媚者无疆 by Ban Ming Ban Mei ( 18+ erotica please read at own risk!)

So actually I translated this very short erotica novel a few years back for a couple of friends and then I realized they made it into a new TV drama that is airing now ( although they’ve had to change the story a bit otherwise it would be borderline porn)! So I thought I would share this short novel with you. Unlike most erotica this one is actually really good  ( if you like the Fantasy/ historical genre with some seriously dark romance) and in my opinion would do well even if the author cut off all the 18+ scenes. Hope you enjoy it!


Story talks about Luo Xue who is rescued by the assassin group The door for Ghosts after being gangraped by the infamous 4 rich young masters of Jin City. The novel portrays her journey to become a skilled assassin whilst falling in love with her shadow Xiao San.

N.B. the ending was actually written by someone else because the author stopped suddenly and hasn’t touched it for about 11 years.

Chapter 1

Luo Xue sat in silence in Liu Su’s tent as she listened to the price of her body being raised higher and higher outside. “1000 taels!” Finally someone yelled and the entire room fell into silence.

After the brothel owner cackled for a while, she heard the cordial exchange of the commencement of payment being made.  And that was when Luo Xue realized how much she was worth. 1000 taels for her first time. It wasn’t an outcome she was surprised about. After all girls like herself who had no other choice but still had a pretty face often shared the same fate.

“Are you called Luo Xue?” Someone who she had not met before suddenly walked towards her, grabbed her chin and lifted her face up to assess her from head to toe.

Luo Xue replied that she was and met a pair of pitch black eyes.

That person nodded ,”You really are worth it. It’s been a long time since the four of us have found stock this good.”

She startled, before repeating in a high pitched voice, “Four?”  But before she got an answer her eyes were covered by a thick cloth, obscuring her vision.

At that moment three men strolled through the door, they were all tall, handsome and did not show any signs of depravity in their appearance.

Everything was black to Luo Xue but she could hear the shuffling of feet. She couldn’t suppress the shivers of fear, her face whitened and she looked the picture of pitifulness.

“It really is good stock.” One of the men commented in a low voice. He reached over to pull her Du Dou off and then used his fan to brush against the tips of her breasts( du dou a type of vest that’s an undergarment) .

“She hasn’t engaged in carnal pleasures yet she’s already so well developed.”

She felt a shiver of please pass through her and opened her mouth but quickly crushed that want to moan.

That person chuckled and bent down to take the rosy tip into his mouth, first using his tongue to tease it and then when she couldn’t hold it in any longer, he bit down. Hard. Until it bled.

Luo Xue screamed but her skirt had already been torn away her pants pulled down and two fingers penetrated her lower body.

“It’s dry and tight so you’ll probably suffer.” The person by her legs said his voice sounding as if he really pitied her. But his actions spoke otherwise. Grabbing his cock he pushed right into the tight opening like an attacking sword with no consideration for her at all.

Luo Xue gasped,  the two areas of pain made her forget to breathe. Seeing the endless darkness, her tears flowed out naturally dripping down her chest.

Any conscientious person who came across such a sight would probably feel guilt but it only ignited the arousal of the other two men in the room.

” You better go somewhere else so I can get in too. ” One of the men spoke up, his lazy voice laced with impatience.

The man between her legs chuckled, picked her up before depositing her on a stool. He then separated her legs before his cock entered her swiftly again.

She found it hard to breathe, her fingers digged into the skin of the man in front of her.m, not daring to make a noise. Perhaps that was the greatest torture.

Blood dripped from her onto the chair. That was her virgin’s blood but because of the scene it looked something more menacing that it should have been.

Someone behind her pulled up her skirt , wet their fingers with her blood before  slowly inserting them into her back hole.

She screamed, like a frightened bird falling into despair. She tried to twist away but the only thing she received was an even more merciless attack on her arse. That long thick manhood pushed into her, separated from the other one in her body only by a thin wall. The two men slowly gained a rhythm. One would push in when the other pushed out.

No longer having the strength to scream, she could only try to divert the pain by focusing on her breathing.

Time seemed to freeze at that moment, she could feel something thick penetrating her mouth and it’s movements in and out seemed endless until she felt a surge of something salty pouring out and filling her mouth.

After that, everything seemed to repeat again.  The four men exchanged places and it began again. Their hands clasping her waist, their cocks going in and out, as if they wished to break her waist in half.

Throughout it all, she felt no pleasure, none at all, only infinite pain.

That night she felt as if she matured many years from fear to utter despair. Any hope shattered into pieces, leaving her unafraid.

At the end of it all, the four of them discarded the cloth, allowing her t o stare at their faces from the pool of blood.

At that moment, her eyes shone brightly, as if something was believing in her eyes.

“I can’t die. No matter what I can’t die.” She pinched her palm,” I’m only sixteen, I haven’t had a good life yet so I can’t die. ”

But seven days later  when her fever had still not come down, the brothel owner threw into the mass grave pit, leaving her to fend for herself. Despair and anger burned her eyes that were left staring into the open .

A pair of feet stopped in front of her. They were the feet of a woman’s, heavily cladded by deer skin boots woth a single leaf embroided on each boot.

She raised her head to look and saw a red umbrella. That red umbrella had a Jade green handle, an otherworldly look.

A thick layer of snow had settled onto the umbrella and the person below, reflected by the contrast of the snow and the umbrella looked ethereal, her charm flowing with seduction.

Luo Xue was completely enthralled, her mind scattered and she could not utter a single word.

The young woman knelt down and touched Luo Xue’s face. Her touch gentle and tender like a petal gently brushing against her face.

“I know you wish for me to save you,” she said. Her voice was soft and enchanting as her looks,”Do not worry I will save you. You should not die. After all it is a waste of such a good body.”

Luo Xue’s eyelids flutterrd and slowly let sleep overcome her.

In her subconscious, she felt someone warming her up. A pair of gentle hands bringing her warmth which stopped by her private area. They teased and stroked her until she moaned in her dream.

She woke up to the feeling of her lower body slowly gaining moisture and something burning inside her.

That person stroked even faster, one hand rubbing her nether lips and the other reaching up to pinch her nipples coordinating their movements into a rhythm.

She moaned again. This time she felt the fire burning higher still but at the same time she felt pleasure consuming her, sending her to the clouds.

She turned her head and a young man was lying beside her. He was thin, but nethertheless he was like a delicate beauty.

Seeing that she was awake, the young man bowed and retreated, his footsteps could barely be heard. Only his white robe that swished across the ground made a slight rustling sound.

There was no-one else in the room. Luo Xue did her best to sit up and observe her surroundings. Only then did she realize she was naked and lying on a pallet. A white fur rug covered it and a fire burned brightly in a brazier. Apart from that the only decoration in the room was an umbrella. A red umbrella with a jade green handle that was supported by the wall,. It was bright yet mysterious like a story full of opulence.


  1. Why did you stop translating after chapter 29?
    Are you planning to continue translating this novel.
    Please continue the translation….. Thank you for the great work👍👍👍👍


  2. Hello, I need to tell you that I am super obsessed with this drama, as soon as I knew it was a novel and for the sake of that I love reading I began to search and found it in your page, first I want to thank you for taking the work of translating it into English, in my I am a Spanish speaker but I know English, so since I have been so acclaimed this drama I wanted to ask you if I could take your work and pass it to my native language so that those who do not know English can read it. Of course if you allow me I guarantee you give your corresponding credits. I remain attentive to your answer I hope you tell me if u.u. A thousand thanks in advance.
    Alejandra from Colombia, South america.


    1. No te preocupes ❤, empezaré a traducirlo en español, y postear aquí mismo, mantén pendiente y comenta a tus conocidos así podrán ir leyendo


  3. Hey, thank you for providing the novel series of the drama. I am currently watching it so I want to check the novel as well..


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