{Eng Subbed} Chef Fang Ep 18

Synopsis: Fang Yi Shao is an orphan girl who is a talented chef, but unwittingly gets forced to marry infamous young master Shen Yong as a substitute bride. Coincidentally, Shen Yong had inadvertently saved her from being kidnapped before, becoming her savior. With her culinary and martial arts skills, she wins the hearts of her in-laws and eventually Shen Yong himself. Yi Shao strongly believes in Shen Yong’s good nature, contrary to rumors. Under her influence, Shen Yong changes his wayward ways to make a name for himself in this heartwarming and comedic story. (synopsis from mydramalist)

Ep 18



  1. Hi! I was wondering if this episode is available? Truly appreciate your time and knowledge doing this so that the rest of us are able to enjoy the dramas from different countries.


  2. Thank you so much for your time. It really felt heart warming seeing this series up to ep17 but sadly, I cant view this episode from streamango and, latter ones are removed from dailymotion I guess, can u please upload in youtube for easier access. This is the first time seeing your subbed versions and they are good, it would really help if the links are easy to access. Thanks in advance.


      1. Lol don’t mind the person 👆, we all know how long it takes to sub, time, & edit these episodes. Appreciate the translation. Chinese language is hard to learn.


        1. I do appreciate the efforts that she’s putting into this. I just asked a simple question Maddy. It’s not like I was being demanding or anything like that.


          1. First, I would like to say thank you for all your patience and for supporting me as I sub Chef Fang, as you know I have to do the timing and subbing myself so it takes quite a bit of time and I understand when it gets to a good mystery everyone wants to know how they solve it and the truth behind all of the murders. 🙂
            First, to Jade I wasn’t really offended before, I guess it was my bad anyway for not notifying you guys beforehand and for not uploading regularly, apologies about that. I guess it’s difficult to ask a question like that without making it sound impatient so I can understand why people would misunderstand. And I would like to thank you for asking after me 🙂
            And of course thank you Maddy for standing up for me, I do appreciate it and I can tell that you meant it as a friendly banter although I guess not everyone understands this sort of humor 😉


  3. Sorry, I recently discovered your blog, I wanted to ask if it is possible to propose the translation of a drama that is stopped in translations to ep 12: the destiny of white snake.
    I really admire your work, congratulations and kisses ^ _ ^


  4. Once again, I am truly grateful for all your hard work in subbing this latest episode. The time and effort you put into providing us with English subtitles for these Chef Fang episodes are greatly appreciated and I sincerely thank you. I was extremely excited to see that another episode had been subbed and am very eagerly anticipating the next episode!😀


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