Stairway to Stardom Ep 45 & 46

Synopsis: Su Cheng is a college senior who is a diehard fan of Yan Chu Fei. In order to get close to her idol, she starts working as a personal assistant for a celebrity and eventually signs with a management company headed by Duan Cheng Xuan. Her life decisions don’t seem to be inspired inspired by the smartest reasons but this is also a story of self-discovery as the budding actress learns to develop a passion for the stage. Adapted from the chinese otome genre game of the same name. (source from Dramapanda)

Finally  Su Cheng and Duan Cheng Xuan confesses and decide to get together, I thought it would never happen. And Liu Meng Tian finally disappears for a few episodes. 🙂

Spoiler* Glad there’s two episodes of happiness before a couple of episodes of blood and tears.

Ep 45

Ep 46



<Ep 43-44    Ep 47-48>


  1. Ep 45: Aww this episode was so sweet. Su Chen does have the perfect nickname for CEO lol. 3 year old Duan. Not sure what he saw on her laptop but I hope he can get cured soon! Also I love Push’s acting. Despite him not knowing Chinese his acting seems so real.

    Ep 46: I always wanted more romance between CEO and Su Chen and I am glad these two episodes satisfied me. HAHAHAHAHAHA at the wrong cake delivery. I kept wondering why the CEO looked so awkward. LOL that was unexpected and hilarious. Urgh I thought the sister was being nosy again but then they played the evil music for Shifu and him wringing his hands so does that mean he’s joined the dark side again?


  2. U r truly amazing bro I really really appreciate ur hardwork and subbing it this fast thanq so much. I thought I would never get to understand the show of my favorite actor thanq.


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