Chef Fang Ep 20 (Season 2 Ep 2)

Synopsis: Fang Yi Shao is an orphan girl who is a talented chef, but unwittingly gets forced to marry infamous young master Shen Yong as a substitute bride. Coincidentally, Shen Yong had inadvertently saved her from being kidnapped before, becoming her savior. With her culinary and martial arts skills, she wins the hearts of her in-laws and eventually Shen Yong himself. Yi Shao strongly believes in Shen Yong’s good nature, contrary to rumors. Under her influence, Shen Yong changes his wayward ways to make a name for himself in this heartwarming and comedic story. (synopsis from mydramalist)

Recap: Finally the leads suddenly start to join together and it all points to Dong Mu. Now they just need to find out how he’s involved in it all…..

Ep 20




  1. Unable to watch it with streamango… it lags…it won’t run… thanks for subbing nevertheless, b8t ill have to continue on .youtube without sube

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  2. You are absolutely wonderful! Appreciate your time and efforts to share this drama. Tried watching raw and just couldn’t follow along.. Thank you again!


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