Destiny of the White Snake Ep 16 (Eng sub)

Inspired by a legendary folk tale, The Destiny of White Snake tells a heart-wrenching love story between an immortal and a human. She is Bai Yao Yao, a white snake roaming the mortal realm when she meets Xu Xuan, the master of the medicinal valley. There is a also second couple pairing between Xiao Qing, a green snake whose fate becomes intertwined with a demon catcher named Qi Xiao.
(Source: DramaPanda)
Note from the subber: Can only bawl my eyes out….:(



  1. Thank you so much! I am so happy that you continue to sub this drama. Hang in there and it doesn’t matter if it takes longer time (because it’s the busiest times of the year) ^^


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