Destiny of the White Snake Ep 20, 21 & 22

Inspired by a legendary folk tale, The Destiny of White Snake tells a heart-wrenching love story between an immortal and a human. She is Bai Yao Yao, a white snake roaming the mortal realm when she meets Xu Xuan, the master of the medicinal valley. There is a also second couple pairing between Xiao Qing, a green snake whose fate becomes intertwined with a demon catcher named Qi Xiao.
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Ep 20
Ep 21
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Ep 22
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  1. Thank you for subbing this! You’re our life saviour 🤣😂💜 Not pressuring you tho i just wanna ask, if you have a schedule on when you’ll upload the other episodes with english subtitles? Thank you for your hardwork! Happy New Year! 🎉


  2. Thank you all for subbing this. I watched this drama long ago & stopped for a while as I can’t find the eng subbed online. But, now I found this & ok what a good start of the year. Hope you guys will continue on this & thanks again . Happy New Year !


  3. Holy heck! Three episodes? Dang, thank you so much <33. I absolutely adore this drama, even though there are way too many adaptions of the legend of the white snake. You're the only one who's subbing this, and I honestly am so thankful for the fact that you spend your time and effort to do this. I'm so excited for the rest of the drama especially because of hot (kinda) second lead. Hope you had a great holiday season (even though a lot of it was probably spent on this) and thank you again!!


        1. The demon king dude! I watched the drama unsubbed so tbh I think i’m confusing myself with what has already happened and what will happen LOLL


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