About is Love Ep 1-3

A love story between the president of a company who develops a severe case of OCD that prohibits him from interacting with women and the one person that he is immune to.

An incident from when he was eighteen years old gravely affects the life of Wei Qing. Even though he has become a high-ranking corporate executive, he is unable to interact with the opposite sex, which is why he has been searching for a ‘princess’ that can save him for years. Ten years later, because of a drunken encounter with an eighteen-year old arts student named Zhou Shi, Wei Qing discovers that he feels completely fine after meeting her. An agreement is formed between the two and a romance ensues.
(Source: ChineseDrama.info)


Ep 1


Ep 2


Ep 3



Ep 4-5>


  1. Thank you so much Admin for the English subtitle. But please😫🙏🙏💓 upload the other episodes. We’re waiting…


  2. I am not sure but I think the admin posted the upload schedule of various dramas on the facebook page. For this drama it was one episode a week I think. I don’t remember exactly so do check on the FB page (search the same name as this blog). Let’s be patient and not pressure the admin too much since she’s subbing so many dramas simultaneously. Stay strong admin. Fighting!


  3. Could you please provide any indication of when ep 4 english subtitles maybe uploaded. As I have been counterproductive by obsessively refreshing this site for days. Hopefully, this gets subbed much faster than the other project ‘stairway to stardom’ which due to lack of subtitles I lost interest in the drama as a whole. All I’m asking is for a day within a week you generally upload or is it random? Thank you for your enthusiasm as its helped other grow theirs too. Please, keep up the valiant effort.


    1. Can you be patient instead of being so rude and demanding? The admin is doing the subs for free and volunteering her time for free. She doesn’t get paid for this. Just be grateful you are getting subs at all!


  4. Thank you for subbing this drama. I’m waiting subtitle for long time before. Cab you tell, when schedule of this drama will you upload again?


  5. Thank you for sub I was waiting and searching this drama for a while.
    Finally I started watching today and this is getting more interesting. when will the next episode sub? really appreciate your efforts to sub


  6. When can we see the next episodes hope to see it fast can’t wait any longer please do it fast n thank you soo much for the subbed episodes


  7. Thanks a ton!! You are so sweet to sub this for ppl like us who don’t understand the language. Please do upload the rest of the episodes..can’t wait for the next.. 🙂 Thanks much!😊


  8. Thank you for subbing this drama! You’re a life saver. Been dying to find an eng sub for this drama. Excited to see the next episodes. 😘😊


  9. Thank you so much for subbing this! I was seeing this drama all over my twitter/instagram feed when it first came out and no one was subbing it so I was looking at all the unsubbed clips in sadness, lol. TYSM!!


  10. Loved the drama thank you soo much for subbing it can u please tell me what day you are going to put a new episode please💖


  11. Hey thank u for the subs I’m pretty sure I love you lol I know this takes loads of time and I greatly appreciate your efforts


  12. Thank you because you upload this drama episodes with subtitle..i was searching this drama with subtitle but it is very hard to find it…thank you very much…and i want to ask you,when you are going tu upload next episode with subtitle?i hope you can upload it…thank you very much


  13. Thank u so much for subbing this drama…i almost desperate to find it in eng sub…can’t wait for the next episode 😊


  14. Thank you so much for subbing this drama. I wanted to watch this but nobody was subbing it so I was losing hope. Thank you and may we all have the patience to wait for the next episodes lol


  15. Give me a minute … finishing up my happy feet dance after having a smile on my face for 120′ watching these three episodes … Best new year surprise I could hope for

    Just what I needed right now: a fluffy happy Cdrama with a cluster of good looking people
    (… yes I can be that shallow sometimes …), reminds me a bit of Lu Ru Hua (as long as it skips the angsty story arcs)

    It is quite rare for a Cdrama to have so much innuendo in the dialogue, even showing and talking about condoms, how did that get past the great china wall of censorship …

    I will now spend a few minutes doing a cheerleader dance in your honour for spending your valuable time in subbing this!!! Thank you


  16. Thank you so much for uploading this drama with subtitles . But can you upload all episodes fast I can’t wait anymore to watch this drama please ……


  17. Thank you for uploading and for the sub. Much appreciated your effort🤗Hope that you will continue 🙏 subbing and uploading those really good drama of your country💕jiayou👌


  18. Thank you for subbing this drama. I’ve been wanting to watch this drama since it started airing. So glad I found your website. Fighting!


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