About is Love ep 12 & 13

A love story between the president of a company who develops a severe case of OCD that prohibits him from interacting with women and the one person that he is immune to.

An incident from when he was eighteen years old gravely affects the life of Wei Qing. Even though he has become a high-ranking corporate executive, he is unable to interact with the opposite sex, which is why he has been searching for a ‘princess’ that can save him for years. Ten years later, because of a drunken encounter with an eighteen-year old arts student named Zhou Shi, Wei Qing discovers that he feels completely fine after meeting her. An agreement is formed between the two and a romance ensues.
(Source: ChineseDrama.info)

Apologies for the delay


Click on link below to view the videos (note: all my links are a bluish grey/gray and underlined)

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Ep 12

Source 1

Source 2

Ep 13


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  1. I love that your subbing this drama and if possible can you upload another link for Ep. 13 (hopefully rapidvideo) if it’s hard to do or your busy, I can understand, sorry for bothering you and thank you for subbing =)


  2. Thank you so much… I feel bad for wei qing cuz zhou shi was just imagine him as ming cheng. But wei qing had fall for zhou shi already 😣😩😢


  3. Hello,

    thanks for these episodes,
    it took me a long time to watch it on streamingo. i’ve seen the other comments and found out that im not the only one having trouble. So please, could you upload the videos on ok.ru?

    and again, i apreciate your efforts, thank you so much~~

    you guys are like life saver. haha thanks a bilion


  4. The streamango link is not working!
    It never does. I’ll be grateful if you provide other source as well!!
    Thank you for your hard work..!!


  5. I understand u work hard and all but streamango? Why……I will appreciate ur sub’s when I can see them streamango is closed server here pls upload another source


  6. First, what was Wei Qing’s father thinking? His son sells his first painting and the father calls it trash? Not even a “congratulations”! Between him and the mother-ugh! Second-how cute are Zhou Shi & Wei Qing together? Looks like WQ is falling for ZS first.

    A big Thank you to the About Is Love subbing team! 2 more episodes so quickly-you guys are on fire! Love it! Please keep going! Can’t wait for the next episode(s)! I heard that things heat up pretty soon.


  7. Hi, I just have a request that if possible can you post this on another sources as the video is lagging a lot. Thank you!!


  8. Thank you very much!! I am a high school teacher with a full-time position and I am also working on my master’s, THESE EPISODES ARE A TREAT & GREATLY APPRECIATED! Once again, thank you for your hard work. Your effort is greatly appreciated.


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