Destiny of the White Snake Ep 29 & 30

Note: this is the uncut version so there are more love scenes between the Xiao Qing, the green snake and Qi Xiao the demon hunter and mentions of buddhism, than the version on dimsum and youtube. Some may find this offensive so please watch at your own discretion.
Ep 29
Ep 30


  1. This is one of the handful of xianxia ‘epics’, there is a sense of a grand scale, so many drama’s try to portray and don’t quite get it right. Other’s I can think of are 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms, Journey of Flower, Legend of Chusen and most recently Ashes of Love, which really attempted epic scale (and got it right in parts.)
    I had no idea when I started LotWS, that it would be one of the great pieces of xianxia, I thought it was ”just another” OK xianxia/wuxia drama, I was happily surprised!


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