Destiny of the White Snake Ep 31 & 32

Inspired by a legendary folk tale, The Destiny of White Snake tells a heart-wrenching love story between an immortal and a human. She is Bai Yao Yao, a white snake roaming the mortal realm when she meets Xu Xuan, the master of the medicinal valley. There is a also second couple pairing between Xiao Qing, a green snake whose fate becomes intertwined with a demon catcher named Qi Xiao.  (Source: DramaPanda)


Note: this is the uncut version so there are more love scenes between the Xiao Qing, the green snake and Qi Xiao the demon hunter and mentions of buddhism, than the version on dimsum and youtube. Some may find this offensive so please watch at your own discretion.

Ep 31
Ep 32


  1. I saw this drama fully subbed somewhere so I guess you won’t be continuing this?
    Not sure about their quality of subs so since I haven’t actually watched it


    1. Yes I want to see that one too. The cast of that show is relatively popular so I thought it would be picked by someone. Sadly Riley Wang previous drama that just finished airing recently Long for You 2 also didn’t get subbed =( His co-star from that drama is the girl from About Is Love lol.


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