About is Love Ep 24 & 25


A love story between the president of a company who develops a severe case of OCD that prohibits him from interacting with women and the one person that he is immune to.

An incident from when he was eighteen years old gravely affects the life of Wei Qing. Even though he has become a high-ranking corporate executive, he is unable to interact with the opposite sex, which is why he has been searching for a ‘princess’ that can save him for years. Ten years later, because of a drunken encounter with an eighteen-year old arts student named Zhou Shi, Wei Qing discovers that he feels completely fine after meeting her. An agreement is formed between the two and a romance ensues.

All credits go to jasminechaitea@blogspot.com for Ep 24

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Ep 24

Ep 25

Source 2 (for downloads)


<Ep 22-23  Ep 26-30>


  1. Thanking you soo much for the wonderful subs which you provide. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this blog .Well done for such a great job!!


    1. I am as impatient as the rest of you but please…please… please keep in mind this is not the only drama they translate. Please be patient. Being unappreciated for what you do for others at no charge is discouraging at best. Please don’t give them a reason not to want to provide this amazing service for us. I for one love the show and “stalk” it daily just to see if it is ready but know and appreciate the time and talent that goes into this process. Thank you productive procrastination for all you do to provide an opportunity for us to see and understand these dramas.


  2. Thank you so much subbing team. Everytime I look into this site and see an update, my world becomes a little bit happier :). Thank you and more power


  3. A lot of thanks for the subbing…can youbalso sub well intended love? I’ve been looking for sites that has eng subs of it but their subs are terrible…thank you…


    1. It is already being subbed i think by sehunlicious sebooty channel in YT…try to search for her channel in YT and see list of videos


      1. Oh and I forgot to mention that I found this info in mydramalist and it says there that the subs are decent, to which I agree based on the 2 episodes I’ve watched so far


        1. Thank you for sharing the information…I have already searched it in YT and it does have a good subbing but I got sad seeing that it’s still in ep. 6…nevertheless, I’m glad that you shared it with me.


    1. They are currently working on subbing those episodes. When they finish subbing an episode, then they will post it here. They update the episodes regularly, so check back in a few days. Or you can sign up for notifications.


  4. Thank you so much for all your hard work subbing this drama! Zhou Shi and Wei Qing are so cute together in these episodes! Can’t wait for the next episode! Keep them coming!


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