[Eng Sub]The Legends Ep 1

First off, this is a book from one of my favorite chinese authors of all time so when I heard this was going to be made into a drama, I was so excited. Because of it’s popularity, I am sure it’s probably going to be subbed very quickly by someone like viki or dramafever, but here’s Ep 1 subbed for you to get a feel for it.

P.S. because I don’t know how much interest there’s going to be in subbing this drama, plus it’s a very long drama (55 eps each with 50+ minutes) so it’s not going to be one of my proper projects unless there is little interest in the subbing for it.

Synopsis:A drama adapted from the popular novel by 九鹭非香. After Lu Zhao Yao saves Li Chen Lan, the demon king’s son from the so-called “good” sect of the pugilist world, she sets up her own sect, the Wanlu sect, one that leans towards unconventional sorcery and devilry. Yet when she attempts to retrieve her predecessor’s Wanjun sword, she is ambushed by the 10 immortal sects and dies.

She mistakenly believes that Li Chen Lan, who is her most loyal subject is related to this, especially after he takes her position as sect leader 5 years later and decides to exact revenge. However she is now a spirit, possessing the body of disciple Qin Zhi Yan of the immortal sect and with the help of this new body, she becomes the direct disciple of Mo Qin or Li Chen Lan, her purpose being to kill him. But things don’t go as planned and she falls in love with him instead….

Also, check out the OST, I enjoyed the ending song so much that I’ve translated the lyrics for it!

Ep 1

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Ep 2>


  1. About any other platforms subbing as of today it hasn’t been pick-up by Viki, and well we all know the tragic fate Dramafever. So even if it is slow, you can keep on subbing this drama. Thank you!


  2. A lot of people love this drama hope you could make this your priority. Thank you for the hard work.

    From South East Asia


  3. Thank you! I have been wanting to find subbed version of this drama. The leads have explosive chemistry! Hope you will continue to sub this drama for the rest of us non-Chinese speaking fans.


  4. Thank you! Out of all cdramas here I like this one best. (A distant) 2nd favorite drama on this blog is Chef Fang.
    3rd is Cambrian Period. Too bad the plot isn’t logical. I couldn’t finish watching Memory Lost. I dislike it for reason that AvenueX mentioned on her Youtube video. I also have problems with the “idol acting” in that drama and disliked the plot. Color of Night has a promising cast but too dog blood melodramatic.

    I enjoy your subbing.


  5. Better off watching here, on other websites where they’ve uploaded PP’s subs, the video quality is like 360p,


  6. Thank you so much for subbing! I’ve been watching this raw on youtube and it’s so painful because I barely understand whats going on haha.


  7. Thank you so much for translating it! I won’t start watching it immediately, but I’ll surely do it because I really like Bai Lu. Thanks again. ❤


  8. Thank you so much!Admin😊Much Appreciated your hard work.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘💋💋💋



    also thank you for subbing chef fang I LOVE THAT SHOW TOO and you were the only one who has subbed it. I appreciate all your work

    thanks ❤

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  10. Thank you so much for the subs! I have been really waiting for someone to sub this. The drama was not initially on my radar but has become relatively popular so I came to know about it. I hope Viki notices that many people want to see it and gets the license.
    The official channel that has the videos are blocked in my country so even if it gets subbed there I can’t watch it still … TT


    1. Also you mentioned dramafever. It shut down. So Viki is the only hope left. Viki at times does get dramas later like they got Siege of Fog a bit later when you already subbed half of it

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  11. Thank you so much for subbing this, I hope you could pick this drama up officially~ this drama seems to be quite popular, but nobody except for you actually subs it… thank you TT


  12. thank you very much for your hard work to translate this ep 1 , this is the first translate that i found, i don’t know that this drama is popular enough to invite another translator to translate this one…
    but i’m super happy thay you did and many thanks for that…
    i hope you will continue with this project, i will be patient to wait


  13. First of all that you for all the hard work for yourself and all the people that contribute subs
    I am in continuous awe for all the effort and dedication that you put into this.

    Unfortunately for this post …

    Getting error “Geo-restricted by owner” on the dailymotion insert – I never had this problem before on any of your postings,
    the streammango link is not something that works very well – it keeps buffering like hell, not sure why since I use a lot of streaming on various sites where I do not have a buffering problem
    Any suggestion on how I could circumvent the problem ?


      1. … I always use VPN for everything … I did try to use other countries (… US, AU, various Europe countries, Hong Kong …) no luck so far, maybe the error message is wrong and it is another problem, currently suffering thru Streamango buffering … painful but I can be quite tenacious in my Cdrama viewing . 😉
        Did like this new series, will be looking forward to more episodes.

        As always thank you and the people around you to gift us with your time and effort for our Cdrama viewing pleasure


  14. Thank you so much for your effort and time into subbing this, we all really appreciate you doing this for us who can’t understand the language🙏💕


    1. Thank u! Thank u for subbing this drama. I cant find eng subtitle for this drama anywhere. This was the only place. Appreciate ur hard work…


  15. Omg!!!! TU so much for subbing this. I think it will take sometime for official subbing to be started. This drama is so good. I like bai lu so much. 😘😍


  16. Thanks for subbing this. I actually requested this long ago. I really love this drama, but there were no subs. Hope you would continue subbing it. Thanks for ur hard work. You are the best.


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