[Eng Sub] The Legends Ep 2

Synopsis:A drama adapted from the popular novel by 九鹭非香. After Lu Zhao Yao saves Li Chen Lan, the demon king’s son from the so-called “good” sect of the pugilist world, she sets up her own sect, the Wanlu sect, one that leans towards unconventional sorcery and devilry. Yet when she attempts to retrieve her predecessor’s Wanjun sword, she is ambushed by the 10 immortal sects and dies.

She mistakenly believes that Li Chen Lan, who is her most loyal subject is related to this, especially after he takes her position as sect leader 5 years later and decides to exact revenge. However she is now a spirit, possessing the body of disciple Qin Zhi Yan of the immortal sect and with the help of this new body, she becomes the direct disciple of Mo Qin or Li Chen Lan, her purpose being to kill him. But things don’t go as planned and she falls in love with him instead….

Apologies for the missing couple of subs at the beginning, it’s a repeat of the last mins of the 1st ep.


It doesn’t move?


I don’t believe it



Ep 2

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  1. Thank you. You are great. / Istarted watching this drama on youtube, but subtitles there are horrible./ Your work is accurate an very very very good, thanks very much.


  2. Leading lady is AMAZING in ‘king is not easy’!
    Leading man is Fuca Fuheng from Story of Yanxi Palace, he left me permanently wounded, I tell you.
    Also, in-between eps being subbed, watch Destiny of the White Snake here, it’s another amazing ‘epic’.

    You can already tell junior sister is going to be the typical bitch, left as a third wheel, to annoy you for at least two thirds of the storyline.

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  3. Thank you so much for subbing the Legends I love it so much and been watching it raw. The effort is worth it >3


  4. Thank you so much for this!! I can’t believe that you subbed the next episode within a day… take your time, cuz we’re just happy that someone is finally subbing this


  5. Thank you!!! Would you consider subbing Your Royal Highness and My Amazing Bride?  Both are fully on you tube in the raw, with only first few episodes subbed. Then they quit.  I think that is MEAN. LOL.  I hear the lead actor on Your Royal Highness was jailed for beating up his gf, and that’s why that one was dropped. But it is a really cute drama and better than many.  I think we deserve to see it (who aren’t chinese speaking).  No idea why 2015’s My Amazing Bride was dropped but it is also a bit out of the common way.


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