The Legends Ep 15 & 16

Synopsis:A drama adapted from the popular novel by 九鹭非香. After Lu Zhao Yao saves Li Chen Lan, the demon king’s son from the so-called “good” sect of the pugilist world, she sets up her own sect, the Wanlu sect, one that leans towards unconventional sorcery and devilry. Yet when she attempts to retrieve her predecessor’s Wanjun sword, she is ambushed by the 10 immortal sects and dies.

She mistakenly believes that Li Chen Lan, who is her most loyal subject is related to this, especially after he takes her position as sect leader 5 years later and decides to exact revenge. However she is now a spirit, possessing the body of disciple Qin Zhi Yan of the immortal sect and with the help of this new body, she becomes the direct disciple of Mo Qin or Li Chen Lan, her purpose being to kill him. But things don’t go as planned and she falls in love with him instead….


Ep 15

Ep 16


<Ep 14  Ep 17>


    1. I could totally be wrong here, so please forgive me if I am. Asking subbers who sub for free and use their personal time to share their gift of translating for us on their time usually do not like to be pestered or continually asked to “Sub more pls.”. Seeing posts that say “Waiting” is also not polite and can be seen as annoying. Instead, stating your thanks is kind and acknowledging your appreciation.

      Again, please forgive me if this is a naggy reply and absolutely none of my business. I’ve followed other subbers who have been fed up and annoyed with persistent requests to sub faster that they’ve either dropped subbing or taken longer to release subbed work…which is absolutely understandable.


  1. Thank you for the subs! First discovered your subs on other sites but wanted to support your efforts so I came here to watch. Thank you so much and Jia You! Your subs makes my day 🙂

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    1. I believe what this post really means to say is, “Thank you for subbing this drama without getting paid for your time and efforts…and not to mind requests to sub faster or to “Pls Continue subbing.” considering you also have a life and other interests besides translating/subbing for other people’s enjoyment…”. …at least that’s how I understood the above post.

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  2. I wish they showed awesome action scenes when LCL went on a solo mission to massacre the Southern Moon Sect. I was actually looking forward to that but I hope to see more awesome action soon. Thank you sooo much!! This is the only drama I look forward to watching every day.


  3. How many times have I refreshed your page today?
    I don’t like the person I’ve become! haha

    I love this and White Snake, neither fail to shock me when the episodes are over! ‘Whaaat? I only just turned this on!”

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