Ban Shu legend Ep 8

Produced by Yu Zheng and written by screenwriter Zhang Wei, this is the counterpart to his previous popular series Female Prime Minister. The story talks about the niece of the first female prime minister Ban Zhao. The bubbly intelligent Ban Shu earns her way up to become a popular teacher at the Royal Female Academy/Imperial Female School formed by the Empress Deng Wei where she meets and falls in love with the cold and mysterious Wei Yang who is the head of the Royal Male Academy, the counterpart to the school she teaches. However, her job in the court becomes much harder when conspiracies begin to take place, as a result she decides to leave the court to spread the Han culture.


Ep 8


  1. First, thank you so much for sharing this content with us and taking the time to sub it. ❤️ I greatly appreciate it.

    Second, so far I’m really enjoying this drama. It’s not new by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m having a blast recognizing some very familiar faces. Especially those who have since skyrocketed with fame and success.

    Third, I think it’s interesting that Ban Shu is only 16 now, but is a teacher and seen as a motherly figure by students who are essentially her peers. I love that they casted younger girls to be the princesses and noble misses, because I think it’s an accurate portrayal…but I’m constantly reminding myself that Ban Shu is their age as well, even though the actress playing her is significantly older than the others.

    Fourth, I hope there’s a misunderstanding between General Deng, The Empress Dowager and Lord Wei. As irritating and xenophobic as Lord Wei is, he just doesn’t come off as the type to torture a woman to death and the Empress Dowager doesn’t seem like she would do that either simply because she didn’t want her brother to marry a foreigner. The woman didn’t seem like she even wanted to marry General Deng so I’m suspecting other arrangements were made and they allowed themselves to be misunderstood rather than having to come up with an alternate way of solving things. Either that or she really was a spy and they did it for a justifiable cause. Idk. I may need to go back and rewatch that bit, but I probably won’t right at this moment lol.


  2. thank you for subbing this ❤
    the actress playing teacher kuo does she always play an evil role. though she was wayyy more evil in the princess weiyoung. she's pretty though and has lost a LOT of weight in the princess weiyoung compared to this drama.


  3. Watched this while I waited for The Legends, and oh boy! This is a great drama. Patiently waiting for the remainder for this drama to be subbed and uploaded as well.


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